Team-mates: Accrington Stanley midfielder Josh Windass

Best mate at the club?

Matt Crooks. I was with him at Huddersfield and now we’re back together. We lived together for a bit before I moved, so we get on well.

Last to buy dinner?

Terry Gornell bought me coffee and a panini on Thursday morning. I’m not sure why he did it – he must have just been feeling generous! The rest of the squad are all stinge bags!

FIFA king?

There are four or five that like to play it on the bus. The best are probably Piero Mingoia, Liam Wakefield and Shay McCartan. They absolutely batter it.

Worst dressed?

Jason Mooney’s gear is an absolute disgrace, he looks like a farmer! He wears flared jeans. He’s 6ft 9in, so he probably can’t find proper clothes to fit him. He just wears bed sheets or whatever he can find – it’s disgusting! Dean Winnard’s gear isn’t great either but Mooney wins easily.

Dressing room DJ?

Brad Halliday usually puts on the songs in the changing room. He likes house music, which seems to go down quite well. The management team like to sing Deacon Blue, too! The scousers in the squad love it, but I think it’s awful!

Most skilful?

Adam Buxton likes to pull out a few tricks in training – sometimes in a game, too.

Late for training?

About ten of them, the same culprits every day! There’s a Liverpool car school that’s always late – Sean McConville, Terry Gornell, Anthony Barry and Adam Buxton. It’s always the drivers that get the blame!

Teacher’s pet?

Easy – Andy Procter. He gets told what to do and does it without any questions. He always says ‘yes sir’, ‘no sir’ when the management team is talking to him!

Best/worst cook?

Seamus Conneely has cooked for a few of the boys on some occasions. They told me he was good, but they had to say that as he was standing next to them!

First on the dancefloor?

Matty Pearson is the worst I’ve ever seen on a night out. His signature move is that he gets on the floor and acts like a spider.

Most likely to disgrace themselves at the Xmas party?

Either Matty Pearson for his ridiculous dance moves or Tom Davies, because he’s an absolute clown! He can’t speak when he’s had a drink. He tries, but no-one has any idea what he’s trying to say.

Worst tattoo?

Marcus Carver has barbed wire on his arm. It’s horrible. He gets hammered for it! Dean Winnard’s got ‘Born Bad’ on his shoulder. I’ve no idea why. It’s the worst you could see.

Never puts their phone down?

Adam Buxton is on his phone 24/7, whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, you name it! I don’t think he’s even got that many followers!

Partial to a sunbed?

I think there are a few secret sun-bedders. I know Matt Crooks has had a few because we used to go together!

Going to make the best manager?

Anthony Barry. He’s done a couple of his badges. Dean Winnard, too, but he’s too aggressive to be a manager!

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