Cameron Jerome: Player Profile

The Stats

For the avid football fan, it would be difficult to ignore a player as influential and all around talented as Cameron Jerome. Currently a striker for Derby County, many goalies would prefer not to be on the receiving end of a well-placed kick by this talented and precise player.

Jerome got his big break after scoring a stunning 20 goals in a single season, which garnered the attention of some big names in football. Jerome has a commanding presence on the field that even helped one of his teams win the 2011 Football League Cup, no small feat even for the most seasoned and talented footballer.

A Safe Bet

A player like Jerome is a safe bet for any gambler when it comes to performing well, but you may want to explore other options if you are looking for a higher payout, because everyone knows how talented Jerome is.

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A Success Story with Room to Grow

For those who have had the pleasure of watching Jerome play on the field, they know that he is a force to be reckoned with. He was making big plays even during his fledgling years playing the game. That is why after taking a long look at Cameron Jerome’s stats, it is easy for anyone to see that the best may be yet to come for this surgical striker.

If you weren’t impressed by the amount of goals he has made in his career, or the litany of other achievements Jerome has accomplished, you may be wowed to learn that this player is currently valuated in the market at a cool two million. Judging by his track record it is no surprise that the experts feel that is what he is worth to the game, and still being a relatively young player, many expect that value to only continue to grow.

The Early Years

While there is a lot of great and interesting football news out there today, currently it is Jerome that is generating a lot of the buzz. With continued impressive performances, he is drawing a lot of attention from fandom and rivals alike.

But for those interested in learning what turns a man like Jerome into the player he is today, Jerome started from humble roots, born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in 1986, he developed an interest in football from an early age, likely not a surprise to many.

In fact, as only a youth Jerome played for Stile Common with notable players like Fraizer Campbell and Anthony Griffith. Jerome developed his skills and would eventually win a contract at Cardiff City, and the rest as you know, is history, a history that is still in the making.

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