The Beer World Cup 2018: All you need to know…

Sure, we know you love football. However, if you haven’t been able to book a ticket to Russia yet and are wondering how you could best use your time during the World Cup to experience the live matches in the best way possible, we have got some tips for you.

The Beer World Cup 2018: What You Can Do?

The World Cup 2018 is here and there is nothing better than enjoying the game with a bottle of chilled beer. That’s why we have created a list of the best beers from all the groups. You can just grab a bottle if they are available at your place and indulge in the enjoyment of football or Mobile Slot Games.

Group A

The group A consists of the countries Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay. You can think of Al Ahram Brewery owned by Heineken which sells the popular local brand Stella Local. Russia has all the famous breweries and the winners are Baltika No 6 Porter. But unfortunately it’s non-alcoholic!

Group B

Iran, Morocco, Portugal and Spain make up the Group B and there’s a tough competition here. From Spain you can try out Ceriux Rubia and Garage Beer. Portugal has the Super Bock or Sagres to offer which could be great choices. Casablanca is a great Moroccan beer that goes well with the matches.

Group C

The countries playing in Group C are Australia, Denmark, France and Peru. Fans can try Cusquena from Peru while it has no other great offering. Australia presents Krush which gives you a fresh fruity flavor. Raid Beer from Denmark is also popular.

Group D

Argentina, Croatia, Iceland and Nigeria are playing in Group D. Messi may be a great player but the Quilmes beer is surely not worth appreciating. You can try the experimental beer Quilmes from Croatia and Foreign Extra Stout from Ireland which contains Guinness brewery malts.

Group E

We have Brazil, Costa Rica, Serbia and Switzerland in Group E. Brazil manufactures the Amazon Beer and Brahma which are quite famous. The 1936 Biere from Switzerland stands out from the rest as one of the greatest beers with a crisp taste.

Group F

Germany, South Korea, Mexico and Sweden make up Group F. The beers worth drinking include Celebrator from Germany which is a strong beer. The Hite from South Korea can be great with a slice of pizza. To make up for the loss of Zlatan, you can go for the Pang Pang beer.

Group G

England and Belgium have great beers and you can try a chilled Orval from Belgium. IPA Transmission from England is sure to please your taste buds.

Group H

The only beers mentionable include Maverick from Poland. Famous beer from Japan is Hitachino Nest while in Colombia Club Colombia is fan’s favorite.

Which one of these beers are you thinking to try out first? And which of them do you think you would like it the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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