4 Tips to Improve Your Paintball Game

Paintball is an exciting game and a great way to keep fit and unwind after a busy week. It is a game of skill, and you can only get better as you gain experience. However, even as a newbie, there are skills you can learn to significantly expedite your journey to the top. Read on for four expert-backed tips to keep in mind as you look to hit the ground running as a paintballer.

1.    Know the best marker for you

There are three basic types of paintball guns: pump, electronic, and mechanical paintball guns. Pump paintball guns have been in the game for the longest time, but they require manual effort to fire. They have stood the test of time because they are reliable and compel the player to work on their accuracy. Mechanical markers are affordable and easier to use for beginners, but they are semi-automatic, making them unsuitable for someone who wants to learn accuracy. Electronic guns are the most advanced of the three marker types. They are fully automatic, meaning you can fire several shots by pressing and holding the trigger. Electronic markers are useful when going against a team of pros or opponents using semis or full-autos. Read this paintballing guide for more information.

2.    Prioritize quality over quantity

“Spray and pray” is often seen as a winning strategy by paintball novices. Pros don’t think so. Pulling off well-timed, accurate shots is instead what they advocate for, especially when going up against small teams in large fields. So instead of hitting randomly with the hope of getting a few paintballs to land on an opponent, focus on acquiring your target, shooting one or two balls, and getting back into cover as soon as possible. The firing rate simply has nothing on accuracy in paintball.

3.    Learn to communicate

Paintball is typically an adrenaline-fueled game, making communication quite the task for beginners. The most important thing to remember is that paintball is a group game, and communication is key to winning. Firstly, it helps teams formulate and execute ambushes, raids, and other tactical maneuvers. It also makes it easy for players to spot opponents, as they can alert their teammates at the sight of an enemy.

4.  Always be on the move

It doesn’t matter how well-covered you are; hiding in the same place for too long can be dangerous to your survival on the field and your development as a player. If enemies know where you are hiding, it will be easy for them to keep you pinned down. There is a low chance you will hit someone from one spot, and a high chance that you will be shot when you show yourself. This habit also keeps you away from open-field combat, obscuring you from important aspects of the game and slowing your progress as a paintball player.


Experience in paintball is priceless, but there are things you don’t need to get on the field to learn. The above tips provide an excellent place to start if you are still new to paintball. Make sure to master each of them before launching yourself into the game.

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