Independent Casinos – A Short Guide

Online casinos recorded growth in popularity over the last couple of years. With the gambling laws getting more relaxed all across the globe, the online gambling industry is thriving. As a matter of fact, there are tons of new casinos emerging every day, and the competition is growing bigger.

This is why independent casinos appeared, as a unique product in a pile of similar ones. Want to learn more about them? Then, stick around.

What are Independent casinos?

Independent online casinos are completely unique online venues that offer exclusive features, products, themes, UI and experience. These online gambling platforms are standalone sites that offer what no other online casino platform offers, which is what makes them different. But before playing check wagering requirements at the lowest wagering requirements casino.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that these are high-quality websites, but if they have all that it takes, independent casinos can be top-class gambling sites. First of all, a trustworthy site should start with the basics and own a license such as the UK Gambling Commission one.

Then, they can start embellishing their website with unique design, functions, products, services and more.

Are Independent casinos available for UK players?

There are tons of great independent online betting venues available to the UK players. However, what is rare are new online companies with independent casinos. Usually, online venues are run on white label platforms, because the licensing and launching procedure is faster and easier. Being an independent operator means that everything needs to be done from scratch, and here are a couple of such websites available in the UK:

  • MrQ Bingo & Slots
  • Casushi
  • DrSlot
  • Cashmo
  • Betfred
  • Novibet

In case these independent brands become successful and popular, more related brands are launched on the same platform. Which is how diverse online betting and casino platforms came to being.

Pros and cons of playing in the Independent casinos

Regardless of the fact that they offer a unique experience, these casinos have their pros and cons. Like the majority of other operators in the UK, these brands have their distinctive features and some areas where they excel – while they might lack quality in other areas.

Being build from zero sound like a good thing as they can have tons of innovations and be more of a challenge for experienced gamblers. However, sometimes igaming developer, as well as operators, can stray away from mainstream into doom. If the whole gambling experience is not user friendly and intuitive, it is likely that the casino will no thave success.

Another great issue that can arise is possible to unlicensed launched websites. Sometimes new operators are not patient enough to wait for a legitimate license, which might push them to launch without a license. Many gamblers won’t even come near these websites, let alone give them their card numbers and other personal details.

Finally, these online venues might offer fewer games that you are used to. Even if the games are fun and well designed like Street Fighter slot or Mega Moolah, the lack of diversity can be a problem for some players. Moreover, the lack of payment options might also be a bit problematic.


While most UK casinos are white-label platform, having a completely new experience with independent ones is just what some of you might need. It is likely that these casinos will be fun, out of the ordinary and even have a few flaws, but the minor disadvantages definitely outweigh the advantages.

Frankie Wilde – is a content writer at various gambling sites. Also, he is a passionate traveller and a great cook. Frankie shares informative articles with the world

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