Famous football players who experienced hair loss

Early male pattern baldness is a condition that affects men worldwide, including celebrity football players. It is characterized by early onset, in the early 20s, as well as a receding hairline, as seen in the case of Wayne Rooney. Luckily enough, techniques such as follicular unit extraction are an adequate treatment and successful hair transplant stories are not reserved solely for celebrities. These types of procedures are increasingly popular among all men who experience early baldness.

Wayne Rooney: delighted with his hair transplant result

Wayne Rooney has been public about his hair loss battle and the fact that having experienced early male pattern baldness, he saw no reason why he shouldn’t attempt a hair transplant procedure. In 2011, he confirmed the fact on Twitter, stating that he was going bald at 25 and he was “delighted with the result”. In an update from the same month, he also shared the status of his head after the procedure, underlying the fact that it will take a few months to grow. It was reported that he spent some 30,000 £ in his attempt to gain beautiful hair.

Antonio Conte: among the top football hair transformations

Antonio Conte, currently the Inter Milan coach and a previous coach for Juventus and Chelsea, among others, is known to have reportedly had three hair transplant procedures. After his 13 seasons with Juventus as a player, he underwent the first procedures as he had already started to lose his hair by that time. Since retiring as a player and starting his new career as an acclaimed manager, he has gained a full head of hair. Reportedly, while the first attempts performed in Italy were less than successful, after the third procedure, Antonio Conte obtained the desired results. The football manager has never spoken publicly about these cosmetic procedures.

Wayne Rooney, David Silva, Andros Townsend, Jurgen Koop or Leigh Griffiths are just some examples of footballers who have spared no expenses for achieving their desired hair look.

There is no proof that famous David Beckham had a hair transplant, however, his full and thick, beautiful hair is a model for many men, not only fellow footballers.

Hair transplants can yield natural and lasting results and change one’s appearance and self-image. When interested in these procedures, you can research clinics in the UK and other countries, like Turkey, that offer affordable solutions and successful procedures. 

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