Room 101: Kadeem Harris (Brentford)

The Brentford winger on-loan from Cardiff takes us through his pet hates that he wants thrown into the infamous Room 10


It’s one thing I really can’t stand and stay well clear off. It started five years ago when I went  to an Indian restaurant and picked a curry dish with it in.

I was sick afterwards, probably not directly because of the coriander but it always reminds me of the time I was ill and I’ve not intentionally had it since.

Even now, if I get something where I don’t know it is in there, I can always taste it straight away and I won’t eat the rest of the dish.

It’s just something that tastes horrible and I don’t know why people put it in their food.

The FLP says: We feel for you, Kadeem, having had your curry ruined, but your ­suggestion fails to tickle our taste buds. This handy herb stays.


I am quite an impatient person so people making me wait really gets on my nerves. If I am meeting someone I try and work it so that they get there first and I arrive second so that it means I am definitely not waiting for them.

It just makes me really annoyed waiting for people, and I tend to go on at them for at least half an hour afterwards to let them know about it.

I used to take people to training and Deji Oshilaja and Ronnie Hawkins at Cardiff City were the worst.

I didn’t always used to be the best at time keeping myself but I improved because I realised how annoying it is to wait for people.

The FLP says: There’ll be no taking you for a ride here. There’s nothing worse than having your best laid plans ruined by other people, so it’s going straight in.


I don’t know why people watch it. The set is old, the programme is old, I just don’t know what is interesting about it.
I’m not a big country person myself and I don’t get all the interest in the farm idea. I can’t stand it.

If I had to watch a soap and there was nothing else on television, I would watch Coronation Street or Eastenders, but if Emmerdale was on, I would honestly rather just switch it off and sit in silence.

I’m more into The Only Way Is Essex and programmes like that, ­programmes that are more modern and up to date with what is happening now – that and watching football obviously.

The FLP says: We’re all for keeping on trend here at the FLP, so we’re relegating Emmerdale and handing you the 2-1 win.

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