Jordan Clark

Teammates: Jordan Clark Accrington Stanley

Best mate at the club?
I’d probably say I’m closest to Callum Johnson, Ross Sykes and Harvey Rodgers. We’re always together in the changing rooms, we go to the gym together. We get a bit of stick from the other lads, they’ve started calling us Casa Amor from Love Island – that’s stuck a little bit. We take it in our stride, it’s funny. We seem to come together like magnets.

Last to buy dinner?
Callum Johnson. We don’t go out for dinner but if it’s paying for coffees or playing cards, he hates it, he hates losing. He’s tight.

Worst dressed?
We’ve got a few. I’d have to go for the skipper, Seamus Conneely – very plain and very boring. The best is Joe Maguire, we call him the posh boy because he looks so smart – he wears nice shirts and trousers with posh, expensive shoes.

The pre-match dressing room DJ?
Jimmy Bell, the assistant manager, he canes it. Whenever he’s not happy with it, he has to get his old school, 1970s, 1980s music on. In the last few weeks it’s been Sam Finley, he’s got a bit of everything and has even put a few old bangers in there to keep Jimmy happy. Ross Sykes has some bad songs on his playlist, it’ll be Drake then the next one’s High School Musical, then ABBA after that.

Late for training?
People are late every day, you’ve got lads coming from Leeds who get stuck in traffic all the time. Harvey Rodgers and Erico Sousa are always stuck in traffic. We’ve got quite a few Scousers in the team who are late as well.

Teacher’s pet?
I’m going to get in trouble if I say something here. There’s a few. The gaffer’s a Scouser and he gets on with the Scouse lads really well. It’s either Sean McConville or Sam Finley, they’re always having banter with him about Liverpool, they play golf together sometimes too.

First on the dancefloor?
That’s an easy one. Erico (Sousa). I’ve known him a long time and he’s always up for it. He’s got the moonwalk, he’s a very good dancer. Big Ross Sykes was giving some madness on the bus the other day, he looked so uncomfortable, like he was from the Inbetweeners.

Most likely to disgrace themselves at the Christmas party?
We’ve got a lot of new players so it’s difficult to say. We’ll have to see what happens this year, I’m sure some of the new lads will embarrass themselves.

The Fifa king?
I don’t play it myself really. Maybe Ross (Sykes) again. There are a few lads who stay in the digs together that I’m guessing play, but they’re more into Fortnite and Call of Duty.

The worst tattoo?
This is an easy one – Harvey Rodgers, all day, every day. He’s got two bad ones actually. I don’t want to throw him under the bus too much, but I think he got them in Benidorm.

Going to make the best manager?
My new roommate Mark Hughes. He’s getting on a bit now and he’s doing all his courses. He’s got a lot of knowledge about the game; the gaffer asks his opinion all the time. He’s always giving information to other players. I think he’ll make a really good manager.

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