Teammates: Millwall defender Jake Cooper

Best mate?

I would have to say Jem Karacan, just because he was at Reading with me and since joining the club he’s been a nice addition to the squad.

We play golf, even though he’s way better than me. I don’t even have a handicap. I just go for the banter.

Last to buy dinner?

Ryan Tunnicliffe is a very tight man. I’ve never had a penny off him and I don’t think it will ever happen.

Worst Dressed?

I would go for Shaun Hutchinson as he lives in the past a bit.

He’s got a very boring style, although, to be fair to him, he did get himself a pair of Yeezys not long ago, which has helped him a little bit – but he has worn them every day since.

Everyone knows he’s probably up there for the worst-dressed.

Dressing room DJ?

Aiden O’Brien is the man and it’s usually the typical R&B stuff.

We did have a mix a couple of years ago that we played when we went on an unbeaten run – it was 17 games and we played it before every game.

But we change the music up when things don’t go well.

Always late for training?

Probably the last in is usually James Meredith or Tom Elliott – they are certainly the ones that can push it very fine. We have fines if we’re late. I think it’s £100 on a training day and £200 on matchday if you’re late, so we’re usually a punctual group.

Teacher’s pet?

That’s difficult as it was George Saville, as he was a big teacher’s pet, but he’s gone now, so I suppose it would probably be Lee Gregory now, or maybe Aiden O’Brien.

We call those two the manager’s sons – the pair of them can’t do anything wrong.

First on the dancefloor?

I’d have to go for Dave Martin, just because he’s a funny one. He can’t dance very well but he loves putting himself about.

 Party mischief: Millwall striker Lee Gregory (photo: PA Images)

Most likely to disgrace themselves at the Christmas party?

I would probably not be far off the top of that list. Lee Gregory definitely would be the one – 100 per cent. He’s got a few stories, I’m sure.

Fifa King?

There are a few boys who play on the coach on the way to away games but I don’t really play.

I think Shane Ferguson is good. He’s up there, and Jed Wallace as well. There is never any money on it but it can get quite loud on the coach.

The worst tattoo?

Definitely Aiden O’Brien. He’s got a lion on his back, I think, and he’s also got the street where he comes from tattooed on him somewhere, which gets a fair bit of banter.

Going to make the best manager?

I think Shaun Williams as he’s very composed under pressure and he gets on well with everyone. He’s a massive part of the squad and everyone know what a big role he plays, so I could definitely see him making it.


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