Oyston refuses to quit as fans vent dismay

A Blackpool Supporters’ Trust forum attended by club owner Owen Oyston descended into jeers and passionate calls for him to sell the club, with 400 fans there to voice their views.

Blackpool have faced FA fines and a suspended order for them to play a league match behind closed doors with supporters taking to the pitch to voice their discontent at the Oyston’s reign.

Welcomed to the stage by chants of ‘Oyston out’, the 82-year-old answered questions for almost an hour before the room stood to lead an onslaught of ‘get out of our club’.

Having been ushered away from the event as tensions soared, the meeting had seen a season ticket holder of 50 years approach the front off the stage to deliver a written speech, looking Oyston in the eye.

Oyston, the club’s owner for nearly two decades, responded with an apology.

“I’m saddened by the strong feelings I heard and some of the comments.

“I do sincerely apologise for the dire football we’ve experienced over the last two years,” the Blackpool Gazette reported.

“It’s been awful, I hate it, and I hate being in League Two. Every morning I think of ways we can resolve the situation,” Oyston hastened.

Fury among fans has been evident since the club were relegated from the Premier League in 2011; since then ill-preparations during the summer of 2014 saw the team have just eight professionals on their books two weeks before the season started, two matches have been abandoned after on-field protests by the Tangerines faithful, and, most pertinently, the legal action taken by Oyston and his son Karl against fans of the club – winning £20,000 each in damages after they were defamed by David Ragozzino on a fan website.

Despite overwhelming vocal dissent, chairman Karl Oyston has stated on two occasions so far in 2016 that there is ‘no desire’ to sell the club.

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