Team-mates: Brentford midfielder Alan McCormack

Best mate at the club?

Alan Judge and Harlee Dean. I speak to them a lot and enjoy spending time with them off the pitch. Judgey has kids, too, so we try to meet up when we can in Dublin. Harlee is a big golfer, so we spend time on the course as well.

Last to buy dinner?

I would say Judgey again here because it will annoy him! He’s always complaining about the price of things and how expensive day-to-day living is.

FIFA King?

Judgey is one of the better players and Nico Yennaris is also pretty good. I hear it’s those two who win most things. It’s not my kind of thing, so I leave the younger lads to it.

Worst dressed?

Akaki ‘Andy’ Gogia has come in some awful gear this year. He’s lucky it has not been cut up, especially the triple denim – jacket, jeans and shoes. He’s got a lot of stick for his gear.

Dressing room DJ?

Harlee Dean takes control. He gets the music going and the lads seem to like it, mainly House, R&B and hip-hop. Everyone seems to enjoy it and there aren’t too many complaints.

Late for training?

John Swift. I don’t think he realises what’s going on half the time. He’s in his own world, constantly late and missing meeting times. We were in a hotel once and he was upstairs, but he was still late for a pre-match meeting. We still don’t know how to this day.

Teacher’s pet?

Without a doubt, this has to go to Ryan Woods. He can do nothing wrong – even the gaffer says that and we give him stick – though he takes it well, to be fair.

Worst cook?

I don’t know. Nobody really talks about their meals. Swifty though, I can’t see him cooking up too much and, if he cooks at all, he probably has it done for him!

First on the dance floor?

If we are out, Andy Gogia, for the simple reason he doesn’t drink but spends the whole night with the lads. He’s first out and still keeps going until quite late. He gets a lot of credit for that and, as far as I know, he likes to dance.

Most likely to disgrace themselves at the Christmas party?

Harlee Dean, but he won’t be impressed with me for saying it! I think he’s been mentioned before for doing things he maybe should not do, but in a funny sense…

Worst tattoo?

Sergi Canos has something written on his leg. It’s one sentence around the circumference of his leg. Sam Saunders has a Chinese symbol.

Partial to a sunbed?

Sam Saunders says he doesn’t use them, but he has an all-year tan, which is pretty suspicious. He’s often checking how he looks, and there are quite a few lads using hair spray before training, which baffles me.

Going to make the best manager?

We have quite a young squad but Sam Saunders is doing his coaching badges. He’s the type of character I don’t think will struggle stepping into management when he finishes his career.

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