New ’10’ app could be a game changer!

Fan consumption of sport could be set to change forever after a new app allowing fans to share emotions and reaction to breaking updates has launched.

‘10’ is the brainchild of Andy Meikle, the man who co-founded the ground-breaking Sportlobster five years ago, with this equally innovative app offering fans a sounding board unlike anything before.

Offering a unique proposition, 10 is set to blend personalised results, chat and near-live fan videos as well as stickers and filters of ten sports, with users able to set their own preferences to see and react to whatever they want.

And with live videos, GIFS and podcasts – to name a few – sprouting up left, right and centre, Meikle is keen to put the personality back into product.

“10 allows sports fans to create, share and consume unique sports content that has been generated by other fans,” he said.

“People get a personalised experience, whether that is teams, athletes or leagues they are interested in, where they can receive score updates, news updates as you would do on many other sports apps.

Founder: Andy Meikle

“But where we are really unique is that we allow people to continue their experience from that update, they can create content as a reaction whether it’s a photo, video, chat or stickers and filters immediately and can then personalise it.

“We pick those sports – football, rugby, golf, cricket, tennis, F1, NBA, NFL, NHL and major boxing events – because we want people across the globe to look at the app and know it is ready for them now for whatever number of sports they follow.

“We cater to the needs, that is the USP of ours to be able to offer the multi-sport experience as opposed to looking at just one sport.”

Few trends change quite as much as social media and sport, with Dubai-based serial entrepreneur Meikle more than aware of the challenges in place.

But beyond that comes a feeling of excitement about what lies ahead, a potential transformation in a market where money talks to the tune of millions and millions of pounds.

And for Meikle, there’s a keenness to not be kept to the here and now, already looking to the future despite 10 being in its very nascent stages.

“We create content by receiving content, there’s nothing that exists in that form,” he added.

“One of the biggest changes is the form of content people now spend time consuming. On Sportlobster people were creating and consuming blog content based on their preferences and that was very, very popular.

“But as time went on, people are more likely to create short-form videos or take a picture, put some text over the media or use filters – they’re looking for a quicker and easier way to share their opinion.

“We’re not just looking at now and in the next few months, but how will the 10-year-olds of today consuming sports content when they’re 15 and that’s something that always has to be at the front of our mind.”

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