The state of football in 2020

The entire world has stopped for a few hot seconds after it was announced that we’re faced with a pandemic. This sadly has also put a halt to all sports events – among other things – much to fans’ dismay.

But, we’re slowly getting back on track with all the events and matches, so fans around the world rejoice! You can hop back on the Football League Paper for the latest news on major leagues that are back in play or the greatest transfers happening at the moment.

When it comes to transfers, it has been an incredibly stressful transfer window, as we’ve been waiting to see who goes where, and the implications transfers would have on league football.

Football in the Upcoming 2020/2021

Like any sport, football has gone through some changes over the last few months, but with the Premier League coming back on the 12th of September, things are looking up. Hopefully, the A-league’s 20/21 season will return later this year with initial plans made for December.

Sadly, most of the matches will have to be played behind closed doors with serious restrictions and changes in the rules. The most devastating, for fans at least, was the prohibition of a live audience.

It’s almost impossible to get a group of passionate football fans to respect the social distancing and protection measures, so this restriction comes as no surprise. However, there’s talk around town that they may allow fans – albeit in a small number – to attend matches in the future. So we just need to wait and see what’s going to happen!

The sudden pause forced on the football world was used as a chance to settle more transfers before the official start of the 2020/2021 season. Approved by FIFA, the transfer period will last until the 5th of October, after which domestic-only transfers will be allowed until the 16th.

It was quite an interesting summer, to say the least, and it seems it will continue to be so as there are more transfers and matches that await.

While You Wait

The world has been playing the waiting game since the start of 2020, as everyone has been waiting for a breakthrough and continuation. Whether it’s the end of the pandemic, a transfer announcement, or the start of a season, everyone is waiting for good news.

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Sum Up

It has been quite a challenging year with everything that has happened so far, but the world has adapted to all the changes. Throwing one curveball after the other, 2020 has pushed us into various predicaments. But everything is not all grim, as the football leagues are slowly making a comeback, offering entertainment in these dark times.

Just as football offers thrills and twists, online gambling is very much the same. The anticipation of football transfers and the start of the season is almost the same as the anticipation of hitting the bonus – rising the adrenaline and leaving you wanting for more.

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