Why Casinos Get into eSports

Gambling and sports have been linked together for a long time now, but until quite recently, not many people had associated casinos and online casinos with regular sports directly, not to mention eSports. However, with the eSports industry growing rapidly and generating more and more money, casinos have turned to the benefits of technology or to their finances to find a way to get into eSports to attract a broader audience, but not only that.

The rise of online games

Though brick-and-mortar casinos are still leading the way in the industry, and they also get interested in eSports, the significant shift in the industry has been made with the rise of online casinos. With more and more people appreciating the privacy, anonymity, and convenience, pages like Top Casino Experts are growing in popularity by providing gamers with access to legit and safe casinos to play at.

And since online casinos can be much more flexible, as they are not limited by space, they introduce new games or new versions of older games for people to try. Very often, they take after eSports, making their games more skill-based.

The casino capital of the world was also the first to change

You may think that, since it’s all going so well in Las Vegas, they wouldn’t bother changing, because why would they? Surprisingly, Las Vegas’ biggest casinos were among the very first to see this new opportunity, and they took it. It started almost fifteen years ago when the Las Vegas Valley decided to host the Evolution Championship Series, and it turned out to be a huge success, so it stayed in Vegas.

After that, different venues in the gambling capital of the world have started to open special gaming arenas, adjust their places to traveling players, and to add gaming to their rich offers.

Caesars casinos were one of the first to open the specially designed eSports space. A 48,000-square-foot production studio was opened in 2017 in the place where Caesars has already hosted gaming tournaments.

Apart from that, MGM brand announced that they would open a special gaming playground, plus, following their partnership with ESP Gaming, they plan to develop a 10,000 square-foot gaming facility inside their own casino.

All casinos are ready to merge

It’s not only Las Vegas anymore; all casinos, land-based and online, are ready to integrate eSports and betting into their offers to attract a more online-oriented audience that constitutes the majority of young people these days. Unkirm, as an eSport betting and entertainment giant, proves to be a reliable partner for those ready to change.

Many casinos are looking for ways to attract gamers and gaming enthusiasts with new versions of their games. Young people don’t want to depend solely on luck, so they prefer more skill-based games. There are even more skill-based slots available, which may be surprising, considering that slots have always been associated with random luck.

This is a small step, but undoubtedly the beginning of a bigger change.

Investing as another way of getting into business

ESports teams and players, just like any other sportspeople, need solid funding and money to keep going, so they are always looking for sponsors. Casinos are among companies the most eager to help in these situations, as they are obvious partners because of their knowledge of eSports, online games, and betting. By making their brand visible and associated with certain people, teams, or games, casinos have the opportunity to reach players and gaming enthusiasts that can convert into customers.

Some betting companies allow people to bet on different eSports, or they even develop their own online casinos.

Is the future digital?

Not entirely. People still crave human interaction during most activities, and there’s something in the casino life that can’t be recreated digitally. But it’s wise from the part of casinos to acknowledge the rising eSports and online games industry. How it will change the market and people’s habits is yet to be revealed.

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