Lotto: Your Online Lottery Guide

A lottery is one of the best games of chance where you can win a prize that will set you up for life. Now, there are many versions of the lottery, and they all work under the same principle—you pick numbers, and numbers will be drawn. If your selections match the drawn numbers, you win.

Your odds of winning the lottery are too small, even with those made by Betsoft games. We will discuss more about these odds later and help you understand your chances. The thing is, you should not waste a lot of money on lotteries and only play them for fun.

How Do You Play the Online Lottery?

In offline lottery, your ticket is your key to getting the prize. Without it, you cannot claim your winnings. In offline lottery, the person who holds the ticket is the person who has the right to make a claim.

Online lotteries do not work this way—you have to register for an account and verify your identity to be able to withdraw. Here are the steps to playing lottery online:

  • Find a lottery site;
  • Register for an account;
  • Choose the country you are playing from;
  • Deposit money into your lottery account;
  • Select the lottery you want to join;
  • Pick your numbers;
  • Place a bet;
  • Wait for the results of the draw;
  • Verify your identity;
  • Add your withdrawal method;
  • Withdraw your winnings.

Not all online lotteries accept players from around the world. Depending on the lottery facilitator’s license, it can only take players from certain jurisdictions.

Read the casino’s policies to find out if players from your country are accepted. Do not attempt to game the system by using VPNs. Even if you succeed masking your IP address, there is no way you can withdraw your winnings if you do this.

Prepare your legal documents proving who you are. Online lotteries and casinos will ask for these documents before they release funds to you. You need government-issued documents that show your face, name and address before your identity is verified. Once the verification is complete, the online lottery will allow you to cash out your winnings.

Most Popular Lotteries

Here are the most popular choices if you want to play lottery online.

Mega Jackpots on Mega Millions

This lottery gives you the chance to be a mega-millionaire. There are people who won more than $600 million in this game, and you may be the next one. The jackpots here are huge and can even hit billions.

Once the prize is won, the starting pot of this lottery is $40 million. For the second-tier prizes, players can win from the starting pot of between $1 and $5 million.

Mega Millions is comprised of 70 numbers, and you have to choose 5 from these and then pick another one from 1 to 25. The second number you choose is the Mega Ball. There are nine ways to win in this lotto, and your odds of winning any of these prizes are 1 to 24.


This is an American lotto game that had a record jackpot of $1.586 billion in 2016. There were three lucky winners who split this amount that year.

Like with Mega Millions, you have to pick six numbers from two pools. The first five numbers come from a pool of 69 numbers, and the sixth number you choose must be from 1 to 26.

Each bet costs $2, and there are nine ways to win. The smallest prize is $4, and you will win that if your sixth ball matches what was drawn for that pool. The odds of winning the red ball or the sixth number are 1 to 38.32.

There is a Power Play option where you must add $1 to your bet. If you do, the prizes are doubled. You can buy up to 5 Power Play tickets and get up to 10x the prize. 

Tips to Win the Lottery

The lotto is a game of chance, so there is really no such thing as a hot number or a cold number. The odds of your bet winning today are the same with the odds for winning tomorrow.

Here are some tips to win:

  • Buy more tickets – the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have; just make sure that the last ball from the second pool are different numbers for the different tickets.
  • Do not choose consecutive numbers – studies show that consecutive numbers are less likely to happen in a draw.
  • ●        Play the right games – pick games where your odds are better, like Mega Millions and Powerball. Your odds of matching the last ball is between 1:24 and 1:38, which are just like the odds in roulette.

In lottery games where you have to pick six numbers, your chances of winning the jackpot are about 1 in 292 million.


The lottery is an exciting game because of the jackpot. Matching even just four numbers can actually change your financial life. If you win, you can choose to get the lump sum or be paid in instalments. Lotto, like any gambling game, can be addictive. Buy more tickets, but make sure it does not affect your financial status. Only buy tickets that you can afford with income that is disposable.

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