Room 101: Adam Barrett (Gillingham)

The Gillingham defender  takes us through his pet hates that he wants thrown into the infamous Room 101


Any form of it, both celebrity and normal. People just go on there to try and be famous and you’re watching people who don’t really do anything. I just don’t like the whole concept of it.

It’s on a major TV channel and you end up watching people sitting around and doing nothing, I just don’t get that to be honest.

The people are trying to be celebrities and what do they actually do? They’ve just been sat around a house for ten weeks and they come out as though they’ve won a World Championship in something. It’s just bizarre.

The FLP says:  We enjoy watching you on the pitch, Adam and you’re right off it. This is straight in.

Pre-season trainingPRE-SEASON

I would say our start to the season – I’d like to chuck that away and never see it again! But I’d probably have to say pre-season.

I don’t think anybody in football could ever honestly say that they have enjoyed a pre-season. It’s just the whole running part, and getting yourself back to match fitness – it is tough.

It’s not as bad as it used to be, especially if you’d enjoyed your holidays a bit too much, but the game has changed now, you like to hit the ground running and come back already in pretty decent shape so it’s not quite like that any more, but I still don’t enjoy it!

The FLP says:  Adam, Adam, Adam – you’ve had six weeks off with your feet up. A gentle jog or two isn’t a lot to ask! Jog on if you think this is going in.


Another show on the telly that I can’t stand at the moment is that Next Top Model reality series, either UK or American, or ­wherever they are.

Unfortunately my wife seems to like those programmes, but I don’t think I could ever stand to watch one of them again.

Whenever they are on or even just being talked about I have to try and avoid it, just get out the house and do something else. I can’t imagine anything worse than sitting and watching an episode of that.

The FLP says:  You’re a Model pro and that’s a Model answer. It won’t go down well with Mrs Barrett but that’s two out of three.

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