Room 101: Nahki Wells (Bradford City)


The Bradford striker takes us through his pet hates that he wants thrown into the infamous Room 101


I personally have never had any real problems with it but I know how bad it can be and how bad it used to be. I still think it’s a big part of English football.

Although it’s improved you still see it every now and then but the FA are making great strides in trying to kick it out.
I haven’t really looked into what the FA have done but they should continue to work on the things they do. Incidents do happen and I have definitely seen stuff so it would be great to see it continue to get better. As regards to punishment I just think that it’s important that they are the same for all.

The FLP says: Until racism is eradicated everyone involved in the game, including the FA, still has plenty of work to do. It’s in.


Since I’ve been in England I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t see manners as such an important thing, so I want to put bad manners in here.

It seems that from more and more people it’s very unlikely that you’re going to get a “Good morning” or even a “Thank you”.

It’s just one of those things that annoys me but you have to move on from it. It’s just simple things like please and thank you. When you speak to people it sometimes goes in one ear and out of the other.

The FLP says: Small things make a big difference and bad manners are going in – the world would be much more polite. That’s 2/2.


It’s not something major but littering is something I want to put in.

I come from Bermuda which is a beautiful place and because of people littering, the UK is not such a beautiful place – especially when you see people littering in the front gardens of their own houses or in the street when they are so close to home. It’s quite annoying.

When people leave rubbish in their own garden that annoys me. It’s the laziness of it and the fact that it makes the place look so untidy. And the ones who litter always tend to be really miserable people! It’s not difficult – you see a bin every 50 yards, so for someone to drop litter is really frustrating.

The FLP says: Imagine the streets with no litter! It’s time some cleaned up their act. That’s why littering makes it a full house.

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