Room 101: Bradley Pritchard

The Charlton midfielder  takes us through his pet hates that he wants thrown into the infamous Room 101


People who walk slow in general get on my nerves but especially those on the tube or in town, they need throwing into Room 101 if possible, it is really annoying.

Firstly, you never know where they are going and then they choose the worst time to change direction.

There is also the fact that they never apologise at all for what they have done, they just act like they had nowhere else to go. The worst thing as well is that it happens when you’re usually in a rush or need to get a train, it just winds me up. No one really does it around the training ground which is good news otherwise I’d be angry all the time.

The FLP says:  No time for dawdling here, get yourself into Room 101.


I just don’t get them at all, the whole thing of having a cat is just weird to me. As a pet they come up to you for attention and food and then they go off and will probably be at your next door neighbours’ getting some more food. They’re so greedy and it’s just stupid.

Everyone’s really curious about them at the training ground for some reason, people always ask owners of them about it. Most of us all feel the same about them though – we just don’t really get it at all.

The FLP says:  Had a quick count round the office…six owners here, so you’re out!


It really annoys me when the first thing people do is mention the name of someone they think they know for no apparent reason.

They just slip it in to a conversation and mention that they’re friends with some Z-list celebrity. There is just no need.

My roommate, Cedric Evina, does it all the time and it is quite funny. He always mentions about how he knows Emmanuel Frimpong and is friends with him just because he was on loan at Charlton for a period. It is hilarious to listen to – but also a bit sad!

The FLP says:  Just asked our columnist Neil Warnock what he thinks. He says you’re in!

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