Team-mates: Gillingham captain Josh Wright

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Best mate at the club?

There is a little group of us who are good mates: me, Bradley Dack, Max Ehmer and Aaron Morris. When I joined Gillingham last season, we found we were on the same wavelength and we all seemed to bond straight away..

Last to buy dinner?

Aaron Morris seems to hold back a little bit when it comes to putting his hand in his pocket! He’s just being careful, though. He’s quite sensible when it comes to money.

Worst dressed?

Without a doubt, Emmanuel Osadebe. His dress sense is horrific, his tracksuit bottoms are usually five inches too short and he wears some weird stuff. He always looks scruffy.

Dressing room DJ?

This year Max Ehmer seems to be our DJ. It’s always his playlist that’s on, and it’s a real mixture of music, but I like to listen to a bit of Calvin Harris and songs in the charts before a game.

Most skilful?

I would probably have to say Jay Emmanuel-Thomas. Since he came in this season, he’s pulled off some nice skills to get himself out of little areas.

Late for training?

We have a car pool and Bradley Dack is late every single morning. Sometimes we have to leave without him. I don’t know if he oversleeps or just misjudges how long it takes to get ready. Stuart Nelson is in charge of fines and he’s on you if you’re even 30 seconds late!

Teacher’s pet?

Stuart Nelson is the model professional and looks after himself well. He sets a good example.

Best/worst cook?

I’m told Bradley Dack is the worst cook. I’ve yet to sample one of his dishes, though I don’t think I want to. I like to cook, I do a mean spaghetti bolognese the night before a game and invite a few of the boys round.

First on the dancefloor?

It’s certainly not me, but Emmanuel Osadebe can always be found having a little dance in the changing room. Bradley Dack has the worst moves, though. At least Emmanuel’s got some rhythm.

Most likely to disgrace himself at the Xmas party?

Billy Knott can get himself into a bit of a mess when he’s had a drink, from what I’ve heard. We’re thinking of a night out in Manchester this year for our partyaae.

Worst tattoo?

Max Ehmer has terrible tattoos. His worst are on his lower quads just above his knee. One says ‘pride’ and the other says ‘glory’. He wears cycling shorts to cover them up!

Never puts the phone down?

Everyone says I’m quite bad. I tend to flick through Twitter when I’m bored. But everyone else sits around on the phone. Emmanuel Osadebe is always on Snapchat sending videos.

Partial to a sunbed?

I’m going to have to say myself, though quite a few of the boys don’t mind them. I haven’t had one in a while, but I always go if I’ve got a birthday night out or a get-together coming up.

Going to make the best manager?

A lot of people say me. I feel I’m a good leader. I don’t know for definite if I want to be a manager or work in the media, but I want to stay in the sport because it is my life.

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