How to beat the odds and win money

Gambling is, by its very nature, a risk-ridden way to fill your time or even to try and make money. It can be exciting and exhilarating, yet it also has a darker side too. You need to know the risks and have the ability to gamble responsibly, yet it can add more excitement when watching your favourite sports or playing those slot machines down at the casino. When gambling, you need to know what the best value is for money, there’s no point betting £100 on a football match that returns £105, it’s not worth the risk. You need to know what has the best odds are and how that reflects on the returns. Sometimes a fair bit of research may need to be done in order to know if it’s the right price, right market or even if it’s the best time to put that bet on. As you read through this list, you’ll discover certain ways to beat the odds and win that money:

Bet on the sport you know best

This is so important when it comes to betting, its can differentiate a big winning bet to winning nothing at all. It’s not just about a team winning 6 games in a row. Sometimes form becomes irrelevant, it’s all about statistics and how they play on the day. Take NFL team Cleveland Browns for example, unableto gain a win all season, teams steam rolling past them, yet before Christmas day approached, they managed to win their first game of the season and defy the odds. So knowing your sport inside out is a good way to find those big money odds and might help you turn a pound into £1000

The favourites don’t always win

Don’t think, just because there favourites automatically means they are going to win? Sometime it’s difficult to ignore the price the bookies have given but there has been a number of times where we have seen the underdogs go one and win. It’s all about momentum and confidence and if you can disocver that in the player/team then maybe you should go against the favourite. An example of big underdogs coming in is obviously 5000-1 to Leicester City when they made history and won their first ever Premier League title.

The fewer, the better

Accumulators have become a very popular betting method when it comes to sports, yet gamblers seem to forget all the time that fewer selections you include in your bet, the more chance you have of winning. Even though the odds may seem enticing on a 20 fold acca- which contains the odds of 200-1, but realistically you have a slim chance of winning that bet. Think small, three of four maximum fold is a good enough bet that will offer some good odds that £5 to £10 should be relatively safe putting on. If you do enough research, you should feel safe putting more money on and because there are fewer teams on the betting slip, there is more chance in the bet coming in.

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