Team-mates: Rotherham United forward Jonson Clarke-Harris

Best mate at the club?

It’s tough to pick one, so I would say Matt Derbyshire and Grant Ward, for different reasons. Matt plays in my position and really helps a lot on and off the pitch. He gives me a lot of advice, whereas Grant and I hang out a lot and play Call of Duty together!

Last to buy dinner?

He might be a good mate of mine, but it’s definitely got to be Grant Ward. I don’t think he’d appreciate me going into details but, trust me, it’s him.

FIFA King?

Once again, I’d have to give this to Grant – he won’t be my answer for all of them! I’ve played him at FIFA so many times and I just cannot manage to beat the boy.

Worst dressed?

There are actually quite a few candidates, but I’d have to go for Emmanuel Ledesma. He wears really, really tight jeans and horrendous trainers. It’s a terrible combination.

Dressing room DJ?

Kirk Broadfoot, which is good because he plays my kind of stuff. It is a little bit of grime here and there, but mostly all house.

Most skilful?

Ledesma again. He may not dress well but he’s technically very, very good on the ball and you can’t argue with that.

Last to training?

If there is someone who turns up late, it’s probably going to be Andrew Shinnie, but for the most part we are all pretty good at getting in on time.

Teacher’s pet?

The new manager hasn’t been here too long, so I don’t know yet. It used to be Danny Ward, though, so it will probably be him again now.

Worst cook?

I’ve never really tasted any of the lads’ cooking, but I don’t go into the kitchen too often. It would be a fairly safe bet to put myself forward for that.

First on the dancefloor?

Me again! I can move a bit and I love dancing to grime and house music, so it doesn’t take much to get me out there.

Most likely to disgrace themselves at the Christmas party?

I really don’t know about that one. I’ve only been at Rotherham for a year and never actually been to the Christmas do, so I can’t say.

Partial to a sunbed?

Joe Newell is a massive pretty boy and always likes to look good, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was topping up his tan.

Going to make best manager?

Our goalkeeper, Lee Camp. He speaks really well and will always take some time to talk to the younger lads before and after matches. I can imagine him being a good manager one day. He’s got all the right qualities for that sort of thing.

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