Room 101: Giles Coke (Sheffield Wednesday)

The Sheffield Wednesday midfielder takes us through his pet hates that he wants thrown into the infamous Room 101.

One thing that annoys me is slow drivers, I don’t like it when people drive stupidly slow and there is no need for it.

But what I hate most about slow drivers is when they drive really slowly in the fast lane of the motorway.

There is no need for it, if you want to drive slow, go in the slow lane, not in the fast one, its common sense.

They plod along, in their own world going slowly but never move over; it winds me up, it gives me road rage and makes me angry.

It happens all the time, I swear every time I go to training I get stuck behind a slow driver.

The FLP says: Take the fast lane straight into Room 101Spiders I’m not scared of them as such but I just really don’t like them.

If I see one on the house I won’t touch it, I’ll have to get the Missus and get her to get rid of it, there’s no chance I’m touching one of them.

It’s annoying because you get a lot of them come in with the hot weather, you are just sitting on your sofa and there would be one on your wall, like I said, if there is one the Missus deals with it.

I just seriously hate spiders, I know it’s a common thing but I hate them.

The FLP says: Afraid not Giles, these are not the words of a tough tackling central midfielderFoil Milk Lids This will sound like an unusual one, but do you know the little lids you get on milk, that you pull off? My Missus doesn’t pull them off so it’s just flapping around, that annoys me so much.

She peels a little bit off but leaves it on so that really annoys me.

When I go to pour the milk over cereal or whatever, it just sprays everywhere and that annoys me.

I have to pull it off and tell the Missus not to leave it on in future, but she still always leaves it on.

If I go in the fridge now I bet the flap is still on the milk, I bet you any money.

I tell her all the time but it’s still always there.

I seriously think she just does it to wind me up.

The FLP says: Pour behaviour from Giles’ Missus.

In this case, there is certainly a point in crying over spilt milk

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