Great Free Games Websites

Playing games is fun. Duh. What’s even better is playing games for free. Especially with no download required and no annoying load times. It’s a hassle-free gaming experience that’s super-enjoyable. Today, many websites offer free games to anyone with time to kill. Some of these are emulations of old arcade titles for a little trip down nostalgia lane, while others are brand-spanking new games that are highly innovative and highly engaging. Below are three great places where gaming enthusiasts can have tons of fun, with zero hassle.

Almost Any Online Casino

Yes, you read that right. While you may be thinking – don’t you play for money at casinos? Yes, that’s true, but it isn’t necessarily true for online casinos. On most of these platforms’ players can enjoy the most popular online slots for free.

You see, online casinos allow players to demo the games in their library, even without signing up. They want their customers educated, with a good grip on how things work before playing for real cash. Once they know and understand everything, they can try their luck and see if they can go home a winner. The catalogue of games on these platforms is so vast it goes into the hundreds if not, thousands. One category that also deserves a mention is bingo. This type has become so popular that players are now actually searching for a bingo casino as these sites have pretty much every bingo game that you can think of.

This site features what its name advertises, addictive games available for free play. Its game selection divides into several categories, including Funny, Clicker, Card, Puzzle, Zombie, Action, and many more. In fact, there are over 30 categories to choose from. There are even politically-themed games. A few even feature president Donald Trump. Perhaps a reaction to his criticism of the video game industry.

The site’s design is light-hearted and pleasant. A major drawback is that there are unskippable ads that sometimes run up to 15 seconds at a time, and certain games have no clear instructions on how you’re supposed to play them.

Also, some games are Desktop Only, which is a bummer.

Unlike our previous entry, has more complex games to offer. Some of these are reminiscent of the kinds of games that used to be popular on social media platforms such as Facebook. There’s a good variety on hand here and the site is home to tons of mini-games related to kids, adventure, racing, and the action genre.

There are also simpler games, so it has a little something for everyone. Its interface is a bit cluttered, but there are useful categories floating about such as editor’s picks, play with friends, premium, and new games. 

This is one of the rare gaming sites online where you don’t have to sign up to play and you can skip the ads at will. Both are fantastic options.

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