The Best Football Coaches Right Now

Team coaches play an essential role in the life of every football club. They hold the spectator’s attention during the whole game by invoking various unexpected techniques and escapades performed by football players. The coaches can manage to make the game the most thrilling and exciting one so that the audience gets astonished and entertained. Inspiring and motivating football managers create the game full of strategies and unbelievable tricks. The game becomes a show that keeps the fans also engaged in the process.

The coaches who topped the list of the year 2021

It’s important to know that these gurus of a football game are people who made a difference in the world of football, who saw the potential of great football players and made them highly respected and the most admirable players in the world. Some of them tried to combine education with their football career. Guardiola, for instance, tried to study the German language 5 hours a day for his future position of becoming a manager of Bayern Munich. If you’re interested in how to successfully learn something new or get a degree, then first learn customwriting reviews. it might come in handy. Are you afraid to be cheated or frauded? Is edubirdie legit? Read reviews first to avoid scammers. 

Jürgen Norbert Klopp

A German professional football manager, he is considered to be one of the best football coaches in the world. Highly regarded for his previous experience of being a physically well-trained and persevering player. At the beginning of his career, he was trained to be a striker, then he changed the position and became more oriented on defense. Most of his career was dedicated to Mainze 05. Klopp was assigned to lead Liverpool in 2015. After two final losses, he successfully managed to return to UEFA Champions League in 2018 and 2019. In 2019 and 2020 he won FIFA Coach of the year awards. At the start of his career as Liverpool manager, Klopp kept on repeating that it’s better to change from doubters to believers right away. He tried to deliver this message not only to his fans but most importantly to his players, to inspire them to win the game. The main Klopp’s tactic is to win back possession of the ball instantly after losing it. His tactics appear to be rather pressing that they even got the name “heavy metal”. Klopp himself commented that it’s very important to win the ball immediately after the team has lost it. 

Pep Guardiola

A Spanish professional football player in the past, a coach in the present. Today he is managing the Premier League of Manchester City. Most of his career was devoted to Barcelona which won several games including European Cup in 1992 with Guardiola playing. He started coaching Barcelona right after getting retired and turned out to be the youngest football manager. Despite this fact, he was very successful in leading his team to the victory of the European competition. He kept on guiding the team and got several rewards of honor and was named The FIFA World Coach of the year. In 2013 Guardiola became a manager of a German Professional Football Club Bayern Munich. He even studied the German language for a purpose to effectively cooperate with the club. From 2016 till present he is guiding Manchester City attaining 100 league points. 

Zinedine Zidane

An attacking midfielder in the past, a manager of La Liga club Real Madrid in the present, Zidane became one of the most successful managers in the world. And it’s quite justified because he was an elite playmaker noted for his control of a ball, elegant approach, best vision, and unbelievable techniques. On these grounds, he received numerous awards and honors, including FIFA World Player of the Year several times during his career. He started his career as the best player in the French Division. Then he moved to Juventus Football Club, Italy, where he won some trophies. After switching to Real Madrid for a world-record fee, he gained several trophies there too. Zidane became a national hero in France after winning the 1998 FIFA World Cup and was honored to be the Player of the Tournament in 2000 because of many successful games. Now Zinedine is on the list of the world’s greatest living players as well as best football managers. His success made him the Best FIFA men’s coach. He proceeded with his coaching career at Real Madrid Castilla. 

Hans-Dieter Flick 

A German former professional football player and one of the most successful coaches of Bayern Munich. He assisted German national team from 2006 till 2014. In 2020 Flick won the UEFA Champions League as the manager. As a football player, he took part in more than 100 matches for Bayern Munich and scored 5 goals. After his playing career, he moved to work as an assistant of Giovanni Trapattoni and Lothar Matthaus. Then he proceeded as sporting coordinator. Working under Trapattoni Flick learned many things about tactics and collaboration with players in the team. This knowledge helped him gain an interim manager position, and, subsequently, he remained the manager of Bayern that brought the team success in many games, and Flick himself got the status of one of the most famous coaches in the world today.

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