Football betting – a new trend for Americans

Gambling on football is part of the sports betting culture in Britain, that much is clear. Up until recently, Nevada was the only state in America that enjoyed legalized sports betting. However, this all changed when the US Supreme Court gave the go-ahead for other states to legalize sports betting should they wish to do so.

Whereas this freedom to bet on sports is still relatively new for Americans, it is one that British punters have enjoyed for decades. Britain has long held a liberal outlook towards sports betting, which was legalized back in the 60s. When betting was legalized on 1st May 1961, close to 10,000 sports betting providers and sportsbooks had set up shops within 8 months of operations.

The UK loves to gamble, especially on football. Visit any British sports betting site, app, or brick and mortar operator and you will be treated to an array of football teams strewn all across the UK that you can wager on. You will also be able to bet on football teams in other parts of the world.

As the most experienced sports betting market in the world, America can learn a lot from Britain’s thriving sports betting industry. As more states continue to allow legal sports betting, the US market can expect a lot of competition from British operators such as William Hill

Gambling on football in America takes off

Gambling on football is becoming quite a popular activity for Americans as well. Ever since the U.S Supreme Court repealed the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, the number of states that have legalized sports betting or at least considering it has soared. Thanks to this repeal, any state wishing to legalize sports betting can do so at will; the states even have the authority to come up with their own regulations.

As the biggest proponents of the fight to legalize sports betting in America, New Jersey is currently the king of legal sports betting in the U.S. New Jersey’s sports betting market has thrived so much that it has already eclipsed the industry in Nevada. The Garden State, as it is sometimes referred to, became the 1st state to permit retail and mobile sports betting and others quickly followed.

West Virginia followed in Jersey’s lead to become the second state to permit legal sports betting and Indiana trailed behind, signing off on both online and app betting. As it stands, at least 20 states have permitted or are actively considering legalizing sports betting.

Although sports betting has grown by leaps and bounds, not all sports in America are benefitting equally. As it stands, NFL football is the biggest driver of the industry. However, other sports such as soccer are also emerging as betting leaders. Just recently, Illinois also legalized online sports betting and by August, punters in the state had already gambled more than 21 million dollars just on soccer alone.

Just about every sports betting provider offers opportunities for individuals to bet on soccer. The best ones offer a selection of leagues and markets that are spread out all over the world. Leading providers such as BetMGM are doing their best to offer the best odds and betting experience so it’s easy to see why gambling on soccer has taken off in such an incredible way. Here is a comprehensive review of BetMGM:

What’s so great about football is that audiences get live lines in the middle of matches and they can even react to the events that are happening right before their eyes. Punters are never locked into the line they had pre-game, which is a huge motivator for Americans betting on football. Football is also perfectly designed for in-game and prop bets, which further helps to make it one of the more appealing sports.

Will soccer be the next big American sport?

Soccer is no doubt the most popular sport in other parts of the world. Don’t believe it? The Champions League final is one of the most eagerly awaited sports events every year. Need we bring up the FIFA World Cup’s popularity, which draws millions upon millions of tourists and viewers from all over the world?

Despite the USA boasting one of the most vibrant sports markets today, soccer just hasn’t taken root in the country’s sports culture as it has in other parts of the globe. As time progresses, however, it’s popularity is gradually growing and Americans are finally falling in love with the beautiful game of soccer.

In the radically changing landscape of American soccer, nearly all top British and European matches are broadcast live, which is a testament to just how vibrant soccer is starting to become in the country. More and more kids are opting for cleats, which is slowly helping to produce a fresh crop of soccer talent.

Major League Soccer in America appears to be in great standing. The league captures the world’s attention back in 2007 after English soccer great David Beckham signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy. As interest in Major League Soccer has continued to grow, so has domestic interest in the sport internationally. Demand for young and talented American prospects by successful Europen clubs has skyrocketed.

Need proof? Christian Pulisic, who has become one of the most talked-about American footballers recently joined English Club Chelsea FC for a whopping $73 million – a deal that effectively turned him into the most expensive American soccer player of all time.

Today, the league appears to be concentrating on the development process of its players and staff, which will only help the league to grow the sport further in the country. As it continues to penetrate the American sports betting market, huge opportunities will also arise with 3rd parties making moves to capitalize on this recently burgeoning audience in their own ways.

Final Thoughts

It has never been more clear that legal sports gambling in America is going nowhere. As the industry continues to expand all across the country, football will also grow and maintain a significant presence in the market. However, like most other industries, the sports betting market is an evolving business that will take years before it fully matures.

Technological evolution, particularly faster cellular networks will also improve the mobile betting experience, which will cause even more Americans to bet on British football. For the moment, the stories regarding gambling on football in America are positive, which is good news for punters and sports-books alike.

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