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The world of sports has seen some tough times of late, with sports events around the globe being canceled as COVID19 has rapidly spread on mass scale. Times have changed, we’ve even seen the likes of famed sportsmen joining the esports world. Alongside this, there’s also been a great migration of interest to the world of virtual sports. 

Virtual Sports have been dominating the iGaming world of late, as it encompasses both aspects of sports and casino seamlessly to make for a whole new category of entertainment. 

They are based on real sporting events, using state of the art software to deliver races and matches that feel real. Bookmakers make use of random number generators to decide the outcome of events. Unlike esports, gamers do not control the outcomes, a computer algorithm takes care of all that in an entirely unbiased manner. 

Luckily for us, virtual sports don’t rely on any external factors such as the weather, or a global pandemic so they won’t be going anywhere. Let’s take a look at the top 5 virtual sports games highly recommend by Betmentor – Honest casino reviews.

5. Virtual Darts 

This may seem like an unlikely candidate to start the list of the top 5 virtual sports games, but recent developments in virtual darts have made it a frontrunner in the game. Perhaps more than any other virtual sport, virtual darts has managed to mirror the entire look and feel of watching a match unfold in real-time. The developers have employed both current and former stars to be filmed throwing darts in a simulated environment. If you didn’t know it was simulated, it would be easy to mistake it as the real thing. Especially as the lines begin to blur as technology encroaches further into how sporting events are currently staged. For instance, just earlier this year, the Professional Darts Corporation transformed what would have been a bustling tournament, into a live-stream event from the players’ respective homes.  

4. Virtual Tennis 

Real-life tennis footage has been used in creating the virtual matches you are set to experience. You can catch all the drop shots, serves, aces, volleys and lobs your racket could ask for from every imaginable angle. The graphics have a level of realism that will have you doing double-takes, built on a profound statistical intricacy. There are even instant replays when a play is too close to call. The result being, matches that are almost identical to reality. The only difference being they don’t have the potential to go on for hours, as matches only last several minutes at a time. Bettors have the opportunity to place single or multiple bets with total control of the stakes at play. 

3. Virtual Greyhound Racing 

As greyhound racing has moved into the virtual realm, you no longer need to worry about the ethical qualms that come with betting on real dogs. However, they are so realistically rendered you may forget they’re animated. In many cases, with the use of AI and dynamic UI, the dogs even display distinct variations in their behavior. How the betting system generally works is that players have a choice of either six or eight-dog races with the option of forecast, tricast, or straight bets. Now you can enjoy seeing hilariously named hounds like “Gone Home” or “Cockney King”, and bet on them too, without any semblance of guilt. 

2. Virtual Horse Racing 

A stalwart in the virtual sports world, virtual horse racing is an all-time fan favorite. At first glance, all would be forgiven if you believed you were watching the real thing. The graphics are near perfection and the presentation matches that of its televised counterpart, showing off a range of camera angles and a rich display of on-screen information to the second. An exciting development, borne of the COVID era, recently showed off the greater potentials of the medium. Just months ago, the 146th Kentucky Derby went virtual, with a 3D, CGI race in place of its usual live competition that is held yearly. The presentation was spectacular, and there were certainly no non-runners there, nor will there ever be. 

1. Virtual Football

As the most popular sport in the world, it comes as no surprise that Football sits comfortably at number one. With matches lasting 2-3 minutes as opposed to the 90+ minutes it takes for a real-live match to wrap up, there won’t be a dull moment to spare. With virtual football, there is no possibility of outside influences swaying the outcome. There are no injured players, match fixes, poor team selection, or bad weather, the matches offer non-stop action available 24/7. The games are rendered with such high-quality graphics, they look akin to a FIFA video game, only this time you’re the spectator. Within virtual football, you can bet on the World Cup, Nations Cup, New Euro Cup, and Virtual Football Champions Cup among others. 

It is also known to offer one of the vastest selection of odds, with bettors having the choice of selecting both their winning team, the predicted number of goals scored, and many more variables. It appeals to diehard football fans as you even have the chance to bet on clubs now, albeit many of the clubs are not real.

Virtual Sports is about as close to betting on real sports as you might get, especially for the foreseeable future. But there are several aspects to the genre that prove they might just be better than the original, especially when it comes to safely placing a bet. You also have the massive advantage of not really needing any wealth of knowledge of the sport before you place a bet. You can take a chance on pure joy and do so at any time of the day with matches and races made available 24/7, 365 days a year. This list of top 5 virtual sports games only scratches at the surface of all that’s available out there, the possibilities are endless and they’re only a few clicks away. 

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