Microsoft 70-483 Exam: Pass it with PrepAway

General overview

Programming has an important role in many things related to IT. Be it developing software, implementing security, or debugging, they all use programing one way or another. There’s structured programming and object-oriented one. When it comes to objected-oriented programming, C# is widely known by people who work in the field.

C# is a simple programming language that was developed by Microsoft. The company has the 70-483 exam to check your competence in it.

What is the Microsoft 70-483 exam?

The Prepaway 70-483 exam is one of the tests you need to face in the path towards the MCSA Web Applications certification. This exam is based on concepts in C# programming. The areas that you will be tested on are:

  • Managing program flow (25-30%)
  • Creation and usage of types (25-30%)
  • Debugging applications and implementation of security (25-30%)
  • Implementation of data access (25-30%)

It is a computer-based exam and contains about 50-60 multiple-choice questions. The 70-483 exam is also available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional or Simplified), and Japanese languages.

Preparing for your 70-483 exam

Microsoft offers various preparation methods like:

  • Instructor-led training

It offers you two options: online or in a classroom. With the online option, you can get access to recorded lessons, training content, and gain lab experience for a period of 3 months. The live classroom course takes 5 days to complete. In that period, you will have a tutor who will take you through the course and prepare you in the most effective way to pass your exams.

  • Exam prep video

You can find videos made by professionals in the field where they discuss various concepts related to C#.

  • Self-paced training

Microsoft is very generous when it comes to helping students prepare for the tests. It even gives you free access to Microsoft tools and modules. People with various levels of expertise in this subject may try to pass this exam. With the self-paced option, you can work on developing your skills and gathering knowledge at a pace that you are comfortable with.

  • Practice test

Practice tests are a great way to familiarize yourself with the exam structure/questions. You can use them to make mistakes and find your errors so that you can avoid making the same mistakes at the actual test.

  • Community

There are some forums dedicated to the 70-483 exam. You can talk to people having different levels of competence and learn from their experiences. You can use these forums to share information, get doubts cleared, have useful discussions, and learn tips and tricks from the pros. 

There are also some other resources that can help you prepare for the Microsoft exam. For example, YouTube videos, books, exam dumps, etc. If you just type the word C# in YouTube, you can find so many videos ranging from C# tutorial videos for beginners to videos for experts. This is suitable for people with different levels of expertise. And talking about exam dumps, they are totally trending when it comes to preparing for IT certification tests. You can find many sites that offer training or practice papers. One such site is PrepAway. It is a great platform. PrepAway offers video courses, study guides, audio guides, and Q&As.

You need to be careful when using exam dumps because, unlike PrepAway, there are many sites that provide useless dumps that can be misleading and a waste of time and money. 

How to become MCSA: Web Applications certified

I mentioned earlier that Microsoft 70-483 is an exam you have to pass in order to gain the MCSA: Web Applications certification. However, it is not enough to pass just that one exam. The 70-483 test is one option you can choose to face. To earn the certification, you actually have to cope with two exams: either the 70-480 or 70-483 exam, along with the 70-486 exam.

Benefits of earning the MCSA certification

Credentials are very beneficial to people looking for an advancement in their careers. This is because in order to gain a certificate you have to pass exams that will measure your competence in the subject. This means you can only pass if you have actually acquired the necessary skills and are competent enough to implement them. Here’s a list of benefits you can gain with an MSCA: Web Applications certification:

  • Validates your skills
  • Gives access to more job opportunities
  • Makes you eligible for a higher pay
  • Brushes up your existing skills
  • Give you more abilities
  • Updates your knowledge

Jobs you can get with the MCSA certification

As it was mentioned earlier, having MCSA: Web Applications gives you an access to more job opportunities. Here are a few of them:

  • Java developer
  • .net developer
  • Web developer
  • Software developer
  • Stack developer

Conclusion Getting MCSA: Web Applications and becoming a certified person has many perks. It gives you more knowledge and value. All you need to do in order to pass your exams and earn a certification is to learn and improve your knowledge in the subject areas, practice, and prepare for the tests, as well as implement what you learned.

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