Betting tips on the Championship

Earning promotion from the Football League Championship is arguably one of the most financially valuable results a football team can ever achieve. With so much at stake, it is small wonder that there is a wide range of betting option available. As your football team profits, you can too! The teams at the top of the Championship right now are so close that the thrill of picking an outright winner of the automatic promotion places could not be more entertaining.

As well as the teams chasing the title at the top end of the table, there is just as much betting action available for those trying to avoid relegation. The Championship is famously very tight in the end, which is why it is arguably more tense and dramatic than the Premier League. The odds can change a lot over the course of a season. Take the example of Leeds United, only around ten years ago they were playing in the Champions League semi-final and now they are languishing in the middle of the English League’s second tier. Under Brian McDermott’s tenure they have slowly been slipping and a good bet would be to go against them for the remainder of the season. They are one of the teams that will finish anywhere from 10th to 15th; a shrewd gamble could really pay off if you get their end of season position right!

There are other ways to feel the end of season thrill in football. A huge online gambling success has been Soccer Safari at Lucky Nugget, which was created during the South African World Cup (you may remember the Vuvuzelas!). The fact that this game has endured the test of time is testament to how enjoyable it is. It involves animals playing football in the jungle, and being so simply, it is very easy to understand the appeal.

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