The eight most popular casino games making rounds so far in 2021

After a year that had the entire sports world in a lockdown, many people found new ways to entertain themselves online. And while online casino games are not anything new, the online casino visitors significantly rose in numbers in 2020.

With such an influx of new players, online casinos in the likes of real money big win casino started expanding their offer even further, which resulted in a plethora of online casino games one can try out.

So, if you too are interested in exploring the world of online casino games and seemingly never-ending offers, make sure you check these titles out first. These eight most popular casino games making rounds so far in 2021some of the most popular online casino games you will come across on almost every casino website out there.

Let begin with the list below:

The Finer Reels of Life

The Finer Reels of Life is one of the most entertaining slot games currently on the market. The best part The Finer Reels of Life has to offer is that, it’s entirely free to play! The Finer Reels of Life offer 243 ways you can win the game, with as many as 25 free spins! This game features 5 reels, so make sure you focus and keep your eye out for the Wild symbol – that also acts as a multiplier!

Vegas Party

Vegas Party is a great title for anyone looking to experience that real casino feel. This game is available for both PlayStation and Xbox, which makes it a great choice for any console gamers out there. Here, a player will get the chance to visit as many as 17 top online casino and explore all the different games offered by them. As one of the rare games that includes baccarat in its offer, Vegas Party is certainly worth checking out.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

In The Four Kings Casino and Slots players have the chance to create their own avatars and customize them to their liking. Then, once your avatar is ready to go, you’ll get the chance to enjoy first-hand all the different games offered by the casino. The best part is that this title is also available for both PlayStation and Xbox, so it will be very easy to install it and enjoy the ride.

Pure Hold ‘em

Pure Hold ‘em is a great game for any poker lovers out there. Since poker is arguably one of the most favorite casino games in the world, with Texas Hold ‘em being the most popular type of poker, Pure Hold ‘em really managed to gather a lot of passionate players. Here, you can test your skills on 4 different levels and see just how good you actually are at poker. Needless to say, the levels get progressively more difficult as you move forward, which makes Pure Hold ‘em even more fun and enjoyable.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Even though the entire Witcher saga is not actually a casino game, the element of gambling is strongly featured in all of the installments. Gwent, a character that’s present throughout the series, is a card dealer that offers plenty of fun mini games. Since this title is so rich with various options and paths, a player can choose to take, it’s really not surprising that it also features a number of fun and engaging mini games all the players can enjoy if they choose to do so.

Red Dead Redemption

Another title that’s not explicitly purely gambling-based, Red Dead Redemption is deemed one of the best games of all times, and for a good reason. Aside from impeccable graphics, attention-grabbing gameplay, a stunning number of things to do and a great deal of choices, players of Red Dead Redemption can also indulge in some betting. Liar’s Dice – a mini game featured in RDR – is very addictive and quite engaging. What’s more, some players even decided to try this mini game out in real life!

Monopoly Poker

Both Monopoly and poker are quite fun to play on their own. But once you merge the two – like this title did – you’re in for a real treat. This game allows you to play poker and earn bonus chips on the boardwalk while being set in the good old-fashioned Monopoly settings. It also offers the chance to participate in and win different tournaments around the world and it’s entirely free to play. You can easily find this title on Steam if you decide to check it out.

Casino Mega Collection

Last but not least we have Casino Mega Collection. As the name suggests, this title features a huge collection of 60+ table games and video slot alternatives. With such a huge offer, any online player will easily be able to find something that suits their playstyle and enjoy all of their favorite games in a single game title. So, check out Casino Mega Collection if you’re looking for some gambling fun.

Even though these were the most popular casino-based games in 2021, that doesn’t mean that the market is not full of numerous different titles that are all fun and enjoyable in their own right. So, make sure you explore various different games and game types until you manage to find something you like. Who knows? Maybe you end up creating your own list of top 8 favorite casino games odds to BetON for 2021.

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