The most expensive sporting tickets of all time

When it comes to selecting sporting events to go to, it is no doubt that many would opt to pay that extra cash for all round access to the sporting legends that they admire and look up to. Yet the question is, how far are you willing to go when it comes to spending to get the perfect seat in a sporting event?

For many this answer is priceless and if people have the money then, it’s without question to opt for the fully fledged experience. Sporting events around the world that attract attention and come with hefty price tags, include the NBA, the World Cup, Wimbledon and many, many more.

One notable sector of live sports that has become increasingly popular as a live spectacle is esports. Esports events garner interest from all over the world and fortunately, tickets aren’t quite selling for the same rate of some of the sporting gigs on this list. Betting on esports is another area which has seen a huge influx of interest and whether you prefer to turn up to watch and bet on the event or instead checking out some of the sites here to choose the right gambling sites to place bets, both options have their benefits, one of them being significantly cheaper!

Ticketing at all these events will sometimes exceed initial expectations i.e. the US NBA tickets can have some selling at $50,000 for that front row seat to see the athletes in their prime action and play. However, how much is too much to spend in support of your favourite sporting teams and athletes? 

What we can say, for those not willing to actually spend the money they don’t have, it will most likely be a night spent on the coach with a nice beer or soda, right? Nevertheless, we thought to actually take a look at some of the most expensive and ridiculous amounts to date, to really put things in perspective. Most expensive tickets are coming right at you.

2017 Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor 

A sporting event that most tuned in to see and follow through in terms of pre competition traditions and procedure, Conor really did show the world that his mouth was not all talk and he can actually fight pretty well. The humour between the two fighters really was entertaining and world class, but so was the actual tickets being sold ringside! 

The prices were around $110,000 give or take, making it one of the world’s most expensive sporting tickets to be sold to date. We do not know about you, but this is definitely not something you can put on your credit card without the actual money in the bank. TV and cheetos it is then…

2013 PGA 

Golf has always been luxurised and orbited around a mens audience. However if you thought that you may be lucky enough to bump heads with famous golf players like Tiger woods, you will need to fork out a total of $4.5k! So, really if you had that kind of cash it would not be an issue, but for just one opportunity, to spend that cash is pretty much debatable of whether or not it can actually be justified. We will leave that up to you.

The Wimbledon Men’s Final 2013

Booking the Wimbledon tickets has always been advised to be booked in advance, before you know anything of the players that will participate in the events leading up to the final. You will need to have faith that your favourite player will be in it because if you do not, you will find yourself having to pay obscene amounts to actually watch the final last minute. 

The wimbledon ticket prices go up each time a round of tennis has been completed. So if you happened to have wanted to watch Andy Murray versus Novak Djokavic, you will have needed to payout a total of $65,000! Would have been worth it if you did happen to have that cash, as Andy was the first Brit to win our nations tennis cup since the year 1936.

World Cup Final 2014

The world cup is one that can always be justified by football fanatics, as this sporting event is not one that occurs on a monthly basis is it? However to find out that some sporting fans actually paid out $30,000 for a ticket really is beyond us. Think of all the other things you can buy, such as a new car, travel to places here and there etc. The things people do for the love of sport is religious and of complete faith we suppose.

Floyd Mayweather JR Vs Manny Pacquiao 

Floyd is one of the greatest names in boxing, without a doubt. Back in the year 2015, this sporting event was one that was considered to have massively changed the name and game of the sport boxing. It was where fighters actually began to ask for larger fees to be paid up to them for fighting and therefore obviously to make up for that, ticket prices needed to go up too right? Well, the price did go up indeed. To get the action up close and personal, you needed to pay a minimum of $75,000 for one ticket. This price rose dramatically from the usual price of $10,973. 

NBA Finals 2010 

The year the Lakers played against the Celtics in the NBA final a decade ago, was highly anticipated and waited for. Kobe made epic moves in this game, which contributed to the Lakers epic win that year. If you wanted to get a hit on the action on the courtside however, $115,000 the price to pay for all the best action. 

Most often the people that tend to be there watching courtside are celebrities and people with obscene wealth, so suppose the price does make sense for those privileged.

UFC Jon Jones Vs Alexander Gustafsson 

This fight showcased the Irish legend dominating the entire game. The showdown created much pretense and the energy of the game was highly intense. Jon Jones is controversially known as one of the best UFC’s fighters to step foot and fight in the octagon. 

So it can be understandable as to why the tickets cost as much as $3000, as it is not everyday you get to witness such full force and action in the ring!

NBA 2019 Finals 

The NBA finals are always an exciting thing to witness and see. You would expect that the loss of Lebron to the sporting series to possibly damage ticket sales slightly, yet thankfully this was not the case! Prices soared greatly from the moment tickets went on sale. Going from the average $3000, all the way up to $60,000 as the top price sold. 

NBA finals are always a sporting event that people want in on and considering the tickets sell rather quickly and prices increase dramatically, you have to be there from the beginning to even have a chance of watching history being made on the court. Sometimes it is no questions asked, and just an immediate purchase of tickets! We don’t blame you. 

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