5 Things You Should Know About Betting on Soccer Online

Soccer is arguably the most popular team sport viewed by billions of people across the entire globe. As such, broadcasting companies usually fight for exclusive rights to air live matches. Those that win earn much revenue by airing the matches through paid subscriptions.

What about the gambling industry? We have all witnessed a tremendous rise in the number of online sports betting sites. These companies also make a kill from betting revenues due to the sheer number of people who routinely bet, especially on matches played in the world’s major soccer leagues.

As such, it is relatively easy to see from facts, or even experience, that soccer betting is something real, and anyone can win. Therefore, you may completely change your fortunes if you learn all the ropes of soccer betting and implement them accordingly.

Some people even view betting as a business venture since it involves real cash. Nevertheless, the majority of people who bet deem the practice as a “try-your-luck” or fun activity. As such, they do not invest enough time and effort into learning the intricacies involved.

Subsequently, they end up gathering a streak of losses and occasional wins. On the other hand, it is the bookies that reap tremendous profits from bet losses day each day. But today, you will be enlightened on some hidden facts about soccer betting you might not have known.

We believe that they would assist you in properly analyzing your bets and boost your probability of emerging victorious each time you confirm your odds. They are as follows:

Soccer Betting Can Be Addictive

Nowadays, the internet is awash with hundreds to thousands of betting sites. Most of these sites want you to sign up and start betting. They usually lure people with a plethora of juicy odds and antics.

Anybody can become addicted to sports/soccer betting. Nobody should think that they are immune. No matter how sensible or intelligent you might be, you can very easily be carried away.

Before you even know it, things can spiral out of control quickly. All other types of gambling have the same effect as well.

Nevertheless, responsible betting is a habit that could be nurtured while being fully aware of the risks involved. Those who are prone to addictions or lack the requisite discipline should avoid betting altogether.


A bookie is a short form of “bookmaker,” which is an individual or website that facilitates betting, especially on sporting events. Bookies usually set odds in addition to accepting and placing bets. After that, they pay out winnings on behalf of the gambler.

It is important to note that bookies never make money through the placement of bets, but by charging gamblers a transaction fee commonly referred to as “vig” or “vigorish.” What’s more, bookies can, at times, loan betting money to individuals who intend to bet.

For a long time, bookies have been associated with underhand activities. However, the explosion of online sports betting, bookmaking has become more acceptable.

Soccer Betting Is Not a Game

Online sports betting is not a game or something done primarily for leisure and relaxation. It is a business. Have you ever heard somebody saying that football is business?

Whenever you invest your money into a bet, remember that this is your hard-earned money. Therefore, in the event of a loss, it would be extremely painful to lose the investment within such a short time, and this is particularly true if you had placed a high stake. Even Lucian Marinescu at OnlineCasinoGems agrees that “gambling with your fortune is a risky activity which might lead to psychological devastation in the event of a loss.”


A wager can be described as a formal name for the word “bet,” and it can also mean the amount of money someone has risked in a given bet. The majority of people usually want to make big winnings with little sums of money. In most cases, they end up losing.

It is almost impossible to stake a dollar and expect to win 1000 dollars by placing multiple wagers on 20+ games. Nevertheless, most people are usually tempted to select bigger odds on multiple matches using small amounts of money. You need to exercise some logic while placing your odds.

It Is Not Only About Luck

As seen on Gamblers Daily Digest, online gambling makes up a significant portion of all revenue earned from gambling. This implies that casinos earn more than gamblers, and you should be prepared to lose your money.

Even though a bit of luck is involved in sports betting, you must exercise sound analysis before placing a bet on a particular soccer match. However, winning is not guaranteed. According to BBC, issues such as match-fixing may affect the results of the match, causing gamblers losing bets.

All gamblers are usually tempted to choose higher odds since the higher the odds, the higher the potential winnings. Though it is not a bad thing, you need to understand that, in most cases, the bookies deliberately give the underdogs higher odds to lure you. It is for this reason that you need to analyze upcoming matches based on various factors such as injuries, head-to-head statistics, previous matches, etc.

The Bottom Line

Sports betting is bound to continue rising in popularity. As seen on Forbes, investors are even making deals with broadcast firms regarding sports and sports betting. This suggests that sports gambling would be the most lucrative activity for outlets that possess access to games, game information, and technology for stress-free betting on the matches.

Therefore, all facts mentioned above can significantly assist you in case you intend to begin your sports betting journey, or if you have been suffering tremendous losses. So, take note of them and enhance your chances of winning soccer bets.

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