The best sports betting strategies for long-term success

Sports betting is extremely tempting, where else can you win money with the right bet? This makes sports betting very popular with fans of all sports today. In Europe, for example, there are several betting offices in almost every major city where sports fans can place their bets, and the number of betting providers who offer their bets online on the Internet is also constantly increasing.

The big goal of most players is to increase their wealth by placing such bets. And yet, in the end, very few of these players succeed in making a lasting profit with sports betting.

Therefore, we would like to tell you in the following what really matters when placing sports bets and what you should pay attention to in order to be successful in the long term when placing such bets.

Knowledge is power

You know them from their favourite pub as well as from the block of their favourite club, the fans who seem to know everything and yet have no idea. And of these people are also among the players who put their money on sports betting, so some.

When placing a bet, however, it is not enough to believe that you know the outcome of an upcoming game, but to inform yourself in advance about all relevant factors that can be decisive for the game and to include them in the decision for or against a bet.

It is often the small details, such as the weather or space conditions, that can influence the outcome of an encounter.

In addition, factors such as blocked or injured players or unrest in a club’s environment also play an important role, which should always be included in your analysis before a bet is placed.

Because only if you have all factors on the screen before an upcoming encounter, you can predict the result as accurately as possible. If, on the other hand, you only rely on your own luck or gut feeling when placing a sports bet, you will usually experience a rude awakening relatively quickly if the bets you think are safe are lost in the end.

 Focus on single bets

Internet betting providers today offer players a variety of bets, but many experienced players still place a large proportion of their own bets on individual games.

Even with a 3-way bet, where you have 3 options, the odds are much lower than with other types of bets, such as betting on multiple games at the same time.

For sports in which a draw cannot take place in the first place and which are therefore offered in the form of 2-way bets, the chance of winning is even higher than, for example, a bet on a football match. This means that classic single bets are still one of the most popular bet types to be found among providers today. And these can even be placed live today, parallel to an ongoing encounter.

The benefits of live betting

The so-called live bets, which can be placed in parallel to a running game, are usually found on the Internet at the providers and allow players to make a whole range of different bets.

The spectrum ranges from offers in which players can bet on the next standard situation or the next yellow card to offers in which the bet revolves around the next goal of a team or its shooters.

Another advantage is that all these bets can be placed during a running game within a few seconds. The players who benefit most from this are those who are able to follow the games live and can therefore assess the course of the game particularly well.

This also requires a quick overview in order to place the desired bets before the event actually takes place. However, if you have this ability, you can make attractive long-term cash winnings with live betting.

When placing your own bets, you should of course always limit yourself to sports games where you have a certain amount of specialist knowledge so that you can really follow the course of the game and predict future events.

 Tips for long term betting

Another attractive option for the players is a long-term bet, for example on the upcoming German champion, the winner of the UEFA Champions League or the Formula 1 champion.

Here you usually place your bet as early as possible in the season or at least at a time when you still get the best possible odds for your own favorites.

You will then have to wait until the winner of the contest you have placed your bet on has actually been determined.

Such tips are particularly worthwhile if a betting provider offers a betting quota for the most attractive championship favourite possible, which, if successful at the end of the season, will give you a nice win.

Therefore, it is usually not very useful to place a master bet on FC Bayern Munich, because the odds are usually so low that you would have to place a high stake on it. However, this could become expensive at the end of the season if another team wins the championship in Europe in the respective season, in the worst case scenario.

 Tips for combination betting

Combinations of multiple bets promise significantly higher winnings than a single bet, but the risk of playing your bet is significantly higher.

So if you decide to place such combination bets at all, you should limit yourself to not placing more than three tips per betting slip in order to keep the risk as low as possible.

Because in a combined bet, a single goal is enough to destroy an attractive victory. If you decide to bet your money on sports betting, you should always be aware that you are playing for real money that has a real value. That’s why you shouldn’t just put that on the line, but think about how you can increase your money with the help of sports betting right from the start.

And in addition to the strategies mentioned above, the reviews on openodds.com can also help to finally go home as a laughing winner and not as a loser. When placing sports bets, the main thing is to deal with the respective sport and the games on which you place your bets, and not to be seduced by the many special bets of the betting providers.

Only then is it really possible in the long run to be successful in sports betting and not to throw money in the sand.

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