UK Bookmakers May Lead the Way for US Sports Bettors

Over the years, there have been many changes to the gambling laws in the US and just recently, the ban on sports betting has been lifted. This has allowed the US to start to operate sportsbooks in the country. With these new laws, US bettors are able to bet in their own country and not increase revenue at offshore sportsbook sites as they have in the past. While the US is finally getting on board with new gambling laws, they are still a long way behind other countries, including the UK.

UK bookmakers are still the leader of the
pack and continue to attract bettors even from the US. With more experience,
better odds, and established brands, the UK remains a top choice for sports
betting enthusiasts to find a reliable and reputable betting site. The UK is
also known to operate some of the best online casino sites in the world, so providing
betting services is not unfamiliar to many UK brands.

The new laws will open many doors for US
bettors and the UK is right there to take advantage of it. Many UK bookmakers
are creating deals and partnerships with US companies to offer sports betting
in the US. These new laws not only mean great things for the US but will also
benefit UK bookmakers who have been quite successful over the years.

William Hill is one notable name in the UK and this bookmaker already has a great position to offer sports betting in the US. It currently owns an operation in Nevada and has a partnership with Monmouth Park in New Jersey. William Hill has plans to partner with many US states as they introduce legal sports betting, so these new laws are a great opportunity for expansion for a number of UK bookmakers.

Another well-known name in the UK will be
entering the US market as well. Paddy Power Betfair already has staff in the US
and runs live horse racing through the TVG television network. This is already
a popular choice for US bettors who enjoy the thrills of horse racing. Betting
in live horse racing has been legal in the US for many years, so these new laws
do not affect this. However, Betfair already has a foot in the door and will
surely be partnering with US sportsbooks as they being to operate.

Gambling activities and sports betting is a
huge part if US culture and until now, sports bets were often placed illegally.
With these new laws in place, US bettors will be able to place wagers at
locally operating venues. The US laws provide a great frontier for UK
bookmakers and there will be many opportunities for UK companies to enter the
US. William Hill is by far the leader of the pack, but there will be other
operators that will soon be partnering with US casinos to offer sports betting
activities online and through mobile apps.

As soon as sports betting became legal in the US, William Hill was ready to go. Since they already had a presence in Nevada, it was easy to get into New Jersey. The operator has plans to be in every single US state that will be offering legal sports betting as soon as laws allow. The goal is to be as recognized in the US as they are in the UK and they are off to a great start. This also means that many other UK bookmakers will be chasing William Hill, trying to enter the US market, which will create even more betting opportunities for US bettors. If cracking the USA market by UK bookmakers, gains traction, will this also have a secondary benefit of increasing the profile of ‘soccer’ including the English Football League ?

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