Room 101: Adam McGurk (Burton Albion)


One thing that really annoys me happens on a TV show called The Chase. As one of four contestants working as a team, you have the opportunity to go against “The Chaser” and pick one of three cash amounts to play for.

The lower you pick the easier it is to beat them, but I hate it when people pick the lowest amount – you are on there for a bit of fun on a quiz show, if you are not going to take risks why did you even bother?

You are also being a bit selfish to your teammates who lose out as well. Live a little – you will only get the one chance.

The FLP says: This grinds our gears too. If you’re on TV in front of thousands of people why play it safe? You are the weakest link, goodbye.


The amount of people who hashtag on Twitter drives me up the wall. The point of it has been lost, as where it is  supposed to be used to find other people who are talking about the same things as you, now everyone is doing it every other word.

It’s even spreading to texts – one of my mates used one in a text the other day and I didn’t even bother replying.

I’ve also seen them being used on Facebook now too and you think: “What are you doing?” It doesn’t even work on  there! It just seems like a bit of a fashion statement now.

The FLP says: Unfortunately we’re keeping hashtags, Adam! #FLP #Room101 #AdamMcGurk #BurtonAlbion


Instagram is another fad that I think tells you a lot about modern society. People uploading pictures every few seconds about what they are doing and where they have been. It is a bit like Facebook only in picture form.

Unfortunately a lot of insecure people like to use it to try and feel better about themselves, especially with
the “selfies” craze of taking pictures of yourself. I don’t think it is healthy when people want to share everything about their lives at every moment.

All the effects people put on the pictures too –maybe I’m old-fashioned but I think photos should be more personal  than that.

The FLP says: You’re on a digital warpath – if you remove too many modern inventions we’ll be back in the Dark Ages. But you’ve edged home for a 2-1 victory, bravo.

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