Coventry City handed transfer embargo by the EFL

The EFL have placed Championship club Coventry City under a transfer embargo.

Coventry City have received a transfer embargo after the EFL didn’t allow Football League clubs a three month extension to the deadline to file company accounts. The UK Government had allowed companies to have a deadline at the end of May rather February due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Sky Blues have confirmed in a club statement that they will be filing their accounts as required by Companies House within three months of the end of February, and once this is completed the club’s embargo will be lifted by the EFL – allowing Coventry City to operate in the transfer market from that point forward.

Coventry City Chief Executive Dave Boddy has made his frustration with the EFL’s decision public, labelling it both “disappointing” and “ridiculous.”

“It’s disappointing that the EFL have chosen to do this. Said Boddy.

“The Government has allowed companies to extend the deadline to file accounts and we chose to do this, extending from the end of February to the end of May.

“It’s ridiculous that the EFL’s regulations on this do not replicate this approach that the Government has taken, especially when they have amended other rules of their during the pandemic.

”The EFL’s imposition of this does not have any effect on us, but it is disappointing nonetheless that they have taken this approach to take action against Clubs who are simply doing what the Government is allowing us to do.”

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