What are the similarities between Football and Casino Games?

The World Cup is here and football fans are very much targeted by online casinos who are tempting them to have a punt. But why online casino companies are so keen in getting football fans hooked in their platforms and what are the similarities between Football and Casino Games?

In this article, we have explored those and also looked at what are the common traits between gambling on casino and sportsbetting. Football fans out there, this may shock you, but there are lots of similarities between football and online casino games. This is why online casinos are targeting football fans during the World Cup as they know that many sports lovers will also fall for casino games.

Let’s start with Blackjack. Similarly, to football it is a game of both chance and strategy. It is important to use your brain to try making the best moves and also it is key to do this quickly every time. Also the rise of mobile casino allow players to play a couple of rounds whenever they are stuck on a que or just in a waiting room. People that play football normally hate to sit still and this could be a way for them to feeling they are ‘doing something’.

Let’s move to video slots. You like the entertainment that football provides and of course the adrenalin that comes with it. Slots do provide fundamentally the same things as they are designed to give you a thrill every spin and also you have the opportunity to go home with some big wins too. There are also some themed slots machines which are designed to attract the attention of football loves as they do mirror the beautiful game. Graphics and bright colours also are similar to what you might get while watching football. So playing slot is similar to football not because the game concept is the same but because they make you feel the same way.

What about Poker? Playing poker online requires some great thinking skills and also a proper strategy which has to be tailored to the opponents. In poker you need to be able to read what will be the next move or your opponents and this is very much similar to what happen in a football pitch where by making the right moves you can overcome even more skilled teams. So it is not enough to have a good strategy but this has to be adapted and changed every matches depending on the opponents. Again it requires a mix of skills and luck similar to football.

‘The World Cup is a massive event and not only for sportsbetting companies. For Online Casino brands it is a unique opportunity to attract football players to try their virtual tables. This is why we are seeing a huge increase in the welcome bonus offers from operators in this period and also lots of themed football slots popping out’, told us John Pentin, chief editor of CasinobiggestBonus.com.

So as you can see there are many things in common between football and casino games. It is not therefore surprising to see so many online casino brands chasing football fans attention during the World Cup. Most football fans also love betting and as you might guess there are lots of things in common between sports betting and online casinos:

Trends – both online casino and sportsbetting are more and more mobile products. They are great form of entertainment that can be enjoyed everywhere you are. You can place a bet on Manchester United or Real Madrid directly from your mobile even when the match has started. In the same way you can play a very popular online slot without the need to use your computer at all or download anything.

‘Live’ – similarly to betting live you can now also have a ‘live’ experience at online casinos. This is a big trend in gambling and on casino it translates in playing against a live dealer and having all those interactive features that make you feel as if you were in a land-based casino without the need of moving from the comfort of your home. Not only the live tables are streamed in high quality but also you will have the opportunity to interact with other users and croupiers. So if in sportsbetting betting live is more about placing a bet during the match on some fascinating betting markets like ‘shot on goal’, in casino the Live trend is about playing against a real dealer.

Promotions are also very similar as both sportsbetting companies and online casino have the need to attract always new customers and retain them. Both sportsbetting and casino operators do rely a lot on welcome bonuses that can be for example some special odds for new customers or a matched first deposit bonus. In casino the matched deposit bonus or in some cases the welcome packages (that includes free spins) are the majority. In both cases it is important to check the terms and conditions as both sportsbetting and casino operators have special terms in regards to withdrawing winnings made as a result of a bonus given.

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