The Youngest Professional Footballers

Any football coach or club manager can recognize talent when they see it. Considering the high competitiveness of the professional world of football, young talents don’t wait long before getting their first contracts. In fact, some of the youngest players in major football clubs were as young as sixteen years old. So let’s see who has become the youngest professional footballers, which clubs put their trust in them, and where they are now. 

Harvey Elliott 

Harvey Elliott became the youngest player in the Premier League ever. He was only sixteen years and one month old when he appeared in his first big match in 2019. Not long after his first appearance Elliott signed his contract with Liverpool. It’s been less than three years since Elliott’s first contract, and he continues to impress. You’ll see. Tears from now, people will order papers at on the career of this football player. Trust my word on that.

Karamoko Dembélé

Karamoko Dembélé had his debut in the game against Hearts in May 2019. Dembélé came on as a substitute for the last 45 minutes of the last match of the season. Celtic, Dembélé’s club, received the Scottish Premiership trophy after that match. Half a year later, he already made his debut for England in the game with Germany. Currently, Dembélé is the youngest footballer to play in the Scottish league. 

Aaron Connolly

Connolly may not be the youngest player ever, but he is definitely one of the most promising. He had his Premier League debut at nineteen years old. At that time, he appeared on the field in the 66th minute as a substitute. However, it was his second appearance in the Premier League when he truly opened his potential. During that game, Connolly scored two first goals against Tottenham Hotspur.

Martin Odegaard

Any football fan probably remembers the shocking news about Real Madrid signing a Norwegian player of only sixteen years old of age. Well, Real Madrid proved to be right in doing so. Martin Odegaard was only 15 and 253 days old when he started playing in a European Championship in Norway. At the time, his age set the new record in the history of the Championship. Although he was signed as the reserve team, he was mainly trained as the first team. Few months after his training started, Odegaard became the youngest footballer to play for Real Madrid. 

Back in 2017 he Odegaard was loaned to Arsenal, though back in September 2020, he was recalled to play for Real Madrid again. 

Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere was not even seventeen when he first appeared on the field during the Premier League playing for Arsenal in 2008. At that time, Where was the youngest Arsenal debutant ever. The same year he won the PFA Young Player of the Year award. His first international debut happened only two years ago in the game against Hungary. Still, even at eighteen years old, he was one of the youngest British players to go represent the team internationally. 

Unfortunately, due to Wilshere’s injuries on the field, which includes a broken fibula, the player’s career faced a, hopefully, slow down. Though, as any professionals from will tell you, a broken fibula is no joke. After Arsenal, Wilshere briefly played for West Ham United, where he made only 19 appearances, mostly due to his injuries. 

Ansu Fati

Ansu Fati became one of the youngest players in La Liga. He was only 16 years and 298 days old when he appeared on the field to represent Barcelona in the match against Real Betis. In fact, the previous age record ever set in La Liga was held in 1941. Fati’s first professional goal happened only a week later in a match against Osasuna.

Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

In 2015, Rushian Hepburn-Murphy was the youngest player who has ever appeared in the Premier League’s field. He was only sixteen years and 176 days old. Although he made only two appearances in the league so far, he still holds his record for a while. He was also the youngest player in the Aston Villa club. He was further loaned to several British clubs for a few seasons. Currently, Hepburn-Murphy is playing for Paphos, a Cypriot team. By the way, you can ask writers from to tell you more about the political situation in Cyprus and why it is a bit complicated. 

Jody Morris

Jody Morris was only 17 years and 43 days when he became the youngest Chealse’s Premier League player ever. Although it was back in 1996, Morris is still holding this record to this day. That same year he received Chelsea’s Young Player of the Year award. Since then, Morris has made over 130 league appearances. During his almost twenty-year career, he was briefly appointed as a captain of Chelsea. 

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