Room 101: Owain Fon Williams (Tranmere Rovers)

The Tranmere and former Rochdale goalkeeper  takes us through his pet hates that he wants thrown into the infamous Room 101.


People with bad manners really get to me, I hate it. The worst ones are when people don’t hold the door open for you – it’s not hard to do, is it? It’s the worst thing when you go shopping, or go to a supermarket, and people bump into you accidently and don’t apologise. I think the phrase “good manners cost nothing” is very useful, and I wish a lot more people paid attention to it. There are lots of little things that annoy me but not holding the door open for someone has got to be the worst.

The FLP says:  What, you mean Londoners? Only kidding. As Owain says, good manners cost nowt – the louts can get in Room 101.


I can’t stand litter, you see people driving along and they just throw things out of their window. It’s horrible. You see young people throw wrappers and bottles as they are walking along the road, and you think: “Why don’t you just put it in the bin?” I think it is just really careless and rude really. It is not as if there aren’t any bins around, it is quite simple, and there are loads!

The FLP says:  Bang on Owain. Unless you’re in a railway station, there’s really no excuse for chucking your trash on the floor


I drive a lot, and people who drive badly really get on my nerves. It is mostly the ones who are driving on the motorway but seem to think they can drive in the middle lanes. I have never had a car crash or anything, but it really gets to me. It really angers me when everyone else is trying to drive normally and safely but certain people don’t. I try not to get too heated when I see them, but sometimes you just can’t help it..

The FLP says: There’s nothing worse than a middle-lane driver, resolutely staring into the distance whilst the motorway grinds to a halt. Take a permanent pitsop in Room 101.

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