Teammates: Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones

Best mate at the club?
Gary Roberts. He’s from Liverpool as well and I share a car with him in the mornings and over the last two and a half years we’ve just become really close.
He makes me laugh every day, probably because he’s 32 and acts like he’s 18 or 19. He’s a great lad.

Last to buy dinner?
There’s a few. Lee Evans gets nailed down for it, but he does always buy the coffees when he loses at cards, which is a lot because he’s terrible.
Jamal Lowe’s also been a bit bad lately, he doesn’t play two touch because it costs money.

The Fifa king?
I don’t play so I don’t really know, but Antonee Robinson and Joe Williams play at the back of the bus occasionally, so I’ll give it to one of them.

Worst dressed?
Bright Enobakhare comes in some terrible gear, real bright hoodies with terrible logos.
Lucas Pos from California has got some horrendous clothes as well – I’m talking bootcuts and khaki.
We hang his gear up from the projector board and he’s had to spin the fine wheel before because it’s that bad.

The pre-match dressing room DJ?
I put a few good mixes on, a bit of dance and upbeat music. I get a few complaints wanting a bit more RnB in there.
Danny Fox stepped up last weekend and gave us some good Irish music, straight from the Irish bars in Dublin.
But I don’t usually entertain requests. What I put on, stays on.

Late for training?
Dujon Sterling comes in at one minute to 10 every day. He’s been summoned to the gaffer’s office and fined a few times already and he’s only been here two-and-a-bit months.

Teacher’s pet?
Lee Evans has a funny relationship with the assistant, Liam Richardson – they always have a laugh and a joke together. We give him some stick in the changing room for that, stuff like, ‘stop talking to your dad, mate’.

First on the dancefloor?
Gary Roberts does a few alright moves in the changing rooms. He’s got this signature move that looks like the worm standing up and finishes off with a little arm pump that usually has us on our knees laughing.

Most likely to disgrace themselves at the Christmas party?
It was Leo Lopes, but he’s now left the club. He said he didn’t drink and then he ended up on the stage with the performers at a London club during our last Christmas do.

The worst tattoo?
Danny Fox has got a few dodgy ones. There’s one on the back of his calf that looks like a mix between a wolf and a dragon.
Anthony Pilkington’s also got a bad one from the 90s, a kind of David Beckham-style cross on his back – definitely not the best I’ve ever seen.

Going to make the best manager?
Gary Roberts always knows what he’s talking about, but I’d say Nathan Byrne is good. I wouldn’t put him down as a manager and don’t know whether he’s looking at that in the future, but he’s clued up.

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