Team-mates: Oxford United winger Marvin Johnson

Best mate at the club?

I will go for Chey Dunkley because I knew him from Kidderminster Harriers before. We spent three years there together, so we got to know each other pretty well. We don’t socialise much because he still lives up there, but we hang out at the club.

Last to pay for dinner?

I will go for Chey again. I think he would be the last one. He looks after himself and that is it! It is just word of mouth and I feel he would be that person.

Worst dressed?

There are a few, but I will go for Phil Edwards because he is an older guy and is past it for the type of stuff which is in fashion nowadays.

Dressing room DJ?

That is predominantly Rob Hall, but sometimes Chris Maguire tries to take over. Rob puts on the usual club and R’n’B stuff. He is a big fan of Dr Dre, so that is often blaring out. Chris puts on similar stuff, too, to be fair. Sometimes the lads do not like it and go against it, but he is strong and leaves it on.

Late for training?

Wes Thomas is awful for it. We call him Lateness. He is better now because he starts earlier for rehab on his injury, but before that he had the nickname. It has gone past the point now where it is serious and all the lads just laugh at him. I am pretty punctual. I always try to get in for nine and we do not have to be in until 9.30. I always make sure I get in early.

Teacher’s pet?

We don’t really have one. None of the boys likes to get close to the gaffer (Michael Appleton) because he can change his mood very quickly. He is the type that is quite stern so no-one really gets too friendly with him. Everyone keeps their distance!

First on the dance floor?

Chey Dunkley loves to try, so I will go for him. A lot of the guys hold back, but Chey goes for it. He is all right, to be fair. He likes his music so he  gets up there and puts in the effort. I will get up if it is a good night. I like to get up and have a go. I don’t know who is the worst because so many hold back. Maybe they are all really bad!

First on the dancefloor: Cheyenne Dunkley (photo: Action Images / John Sibley)

Most likely to disgrace themselves at the Christmas party?

We had a Christmas party at the start of December down in London. It was a long way because we played Bury away that day, so it would have made sense to go to Manchester. But the staff were having theirs in Manchester, so we did not want to go there, too. It was well organised and we went to Winter Wonderland. Everyone was still a little drunk the next morning! It was a group effort.

Worst tattoo?

I don’t even know who has them. Only a few. I have a few all over my body. I never get the mick taken out of me and they all mean something, so that is the main thing. We don’t have many players with tattoos, strangely.

Who will be the best manager?

Joe Skarz and Charlie Raglan just eat, sleep and breathe football. They watch every documentary and know all there is to know, so I will go for them.

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